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RG 45 - Miscellaneous Manuscripts
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Box 1

+ indicates digital surrogates available.

“A Message to Garcia”, 1917, presented by President King to Helen Shultz in 1927

Artz, Frederick B. -- letter from Elizabeth Binkerd Gump to Emma Binkerd; discusses the naming of Frederick B. Artz, family affairs, and women's sufferage, 1894 [1987/39]

Atkins family papers -- Josiah Atkins and Mary Lynch (photocopies), 1809-1862 (see 30/396)

Blakeman, John, Copy of his paper "Prairie of the Fire Lands: Past, Present, and the Future." 22 August 1998 [2000/028]

Beadrault, Valerie and Marieke Van Damme, "Jane Bartlett: A Case Study in Research," New England Ancestors, vol. 8, no. 1, Winter 2007: 30-33.

Bonhoeffer, Emmi -- Copies of Talks, Christmas Letter, notes, article, and manuscript, 1944, 1950-65, n.d. [1998/081 and accretion]

Dirda, Michael. (OC ‘70) Copy of article, “The Learning Channels” that appeared in The Observer, March 13, 1998

Durham, Fred, "Onerable Mayer. . .", c. 1895

Elliott, Louise B. Photocopy of handwritten “Autobiography of Louise B. Elliot,” n.d. [1998/054]

Fairchild, James H. to Frances E. Willard (photocopy), May 4, 1882

Fan, Shuhua, Copy of her manuscript “American Aluminum Magnate Charles Martin Hall & the Origins of the Harvard-Yenching Institute,” 1999. [1999/055]; copy of American Studies, no. 1, 1999, containing Fan’s paper “Yenching University and the Founding of the Harvard-Yenching Institute” (in Chinese); Black and white photo of Shuhua Fan (1"x 1.5"); and, a copy of the abstract of her paper “American Aluminum Magnate Charles Martin Hall and the Origins of the Harvard-Yenching Institute,” published in the journal of World History, no. 2, 1999 (in Chinese) (2f)

Finney, Charles and Lydia to Elnathan and Laura Judd (photocopies), 1827, 1831, 1836

Fisher, Irving, lecture: “The Public Health Movement”, 1912

Grindley, John, M.D. (A. B. 1931), 1941-42

Box 2

Harrold, Miss A. E., Oberlin Conservatory of Music Tuition Bill, 1900 - See Oberlin File

Hsueh, Frances Kwan-Yu. The Man Who Loved Dragons (Memoirs of a Year in China) 1997. Typed script copy

Killough, Mary. Copy of an article titled “Neils Otto Tank (1800-1864): Moravian Missionary to Surname and Wisconsin,” Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society, vol. 29, 1966. [1998/057]

Killough, Mary. Copy of an article titled “A 19th Century Moravian Missionary Reports from Suriname, Otto Tank’s 1845-48 Diaries,” OSO Tijdschrift Voor Surinamistiek, Vol. 23, No. 23 (November 2004), p. 322-33. [2005/045]

Kinney, Henry Payson, 1856

Levine, Louis - See Scheuermann, Wilhelm (Box 2A)

Morgan, John to Joseph Ward, April 18, 1844 [1997/107], also contains genealogy of Anne Grimes and family

Morningstar, Robert, typecscript copy of document concerning the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy [includes letters to President Clinton, Zachary Sklar] 1994

+ Mussey, Henry E. Co., Payroll for Quarrying, 1872-74 (original closed; see digital copy in DVD 2 of 2)

"Nisei at Oberlin: Wartime Remembrances." - See Subjects File

Oberlin, John Frederic - See Strasbourg Catalog; Scheuermann, Wilhelm

Physics Building Proposal, 1940

Pickett, J. M., Manuscript for "Guide to the History of Phonetic Sciences in the United States," 1998

Plaza Hotel, New York City, map and postcards (2), 1908 [2001/092]

Scheuermann, Wilhelm - See Box 2A

Selective Service protests, 1967-68

Squib, The (leaflet), vol. 1, no. 1-2, Christmas Edition

Steiner, Luke, 1987

Stone, Lucy -- Lucy Stone League, Bulletin, 1959

Box 2A

Scheuermann, Wilhelm, "One on God's Side (Ein Mann mit Gott): the Life Work of Johann Friedrich Oberlin" (transl. Louis Levine), 1939 (3f) [2001/094]

Box 3

Strasbourg Catalog, featuring John Frederic Oberlin, 1991 (courtesy of Ursula Stechow) [1999/136]

Taiwan Dry Cleaning Advertisement, n.d. (courtesy of Paul Arnold)

Weekly Rhetorical Exercises, 1884-89 [1981/008]

Westervelt, W. S., Account Book, 1839-1845

Williams, Rianna, "How Christmas Came to Hawaii and Early Celebrations [from 1778 to 1890s]," 2005. (contains a citation from the Lilla Appleton Papers (30/334))

Yao, Edison, copies of two manuscripts titled "The Unforgettable Songs of Olympic

Stadium," 6/22/1999, and "Back to Place of Birth" [China], 12/20/1998

Yeaman, L.E. "In Robot Land," words and music, operetta written for Oberlin Men's Glee Club.

Yellin, Samuel to Cass Gilbert, Jr. (photocopy), May 21, 1934

Youth's Emancipation, May 1842- March, 1843, photocopies [1999/035]

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