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RG 30 - Other Individuals
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In the holdings of the Oberlin College Archives are 376 manuscript groups of papers of individuals, families, and a few personal research collections. For purposes of intellectual control, these collections are classified under record group number 30, “Other Individuals.” Each collection carries its own identification number, in consecutive fashion, under the number of 30. The total volume stands at 1,502 feet, or nineteen percent of the total volume of the holdings of the Oberlin College Archives. The bulk is in the papers of Charles A. Mosher, Don J. Pease, and Carl T. Rowan. Thirty-one percent of the manuscript groups/collections are reported on the Oberlin Bibliographical Information System (O.B.I.S.) and on the online national bibliographical utilities as well. About eighty percent of the finding guides for the manuscript groups/collections appear on the College Archives website.

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