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RG 30/7 - The Misses Little Papers
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Series I. Correspondence

Subseries 1. Class of 1888 Letters, 1927-1956, n.d.

Box 1

Class of 1888 letters, 1927-1956, n.d. (4f)

Subseries 2. Cowles-Little Family Letters, 1858-1949

Box 1 (cont.)

Correspondence with members of the Little family, 1888-1949
Letters received by Henry and Sarah Cowles, 1858-1870
Letters sent and received by Sarah Cowles Little, 1862-1908 (2f)
Circular Letter from Sarah Cowles Little, 20 May 1903
Clara Little Simpson, 1887-1917
Letters sent from Elizabeth Lord to Mrs. Little, 1906, 1908

Subseries 3. Dart-Leonard Family Letters, 1867-1917

Box 2

Correspondence between members or friends of Dart-Leonard families, 1867-1911, n.d. (3f)
Letters sent by Frank H. Dart, 1875-1905, n.d.
Letters sent and received by Helen Dart re: Employment, 1912, 1917
Letters sent by Sidney Dart, 1904-13, n.d. (2f)
Letters sent by Sidney and Clara Dart, 1911-27 (4f)
Other Letters sent to members of the Dart family, 1907-13

Series II. Miscellaneous, 1879, 1895, 1903-07, n.d.

Box 3

Miscellaneous student notebooks and notes, 1879, 1895, n.d.
Helen Dart, Oberlin Public School Grades and Attendance, 1903/04-1906/07 *Restricted*

Series III. Printed Matter, 1879-1927, n.d.

Box 3 (cont.)

The Old and the New In Micronesia, by Florence Fensham and Beulah Tuthill, 1907
Miscellaneous printed materials, 1879-1927, n.d. (2f)

Series IV. Talks and Lectures, 1853, 1908

Box 3 (cont.)

“The Early College Buildings,” by President King, 1908
Notes by Thomas Little of lectures by Parker Cleaveland at Bowdoin College, 1853

Series V. Writings by Sarah C. Little, 1905, 1883

Box 3 (cont.)

“Oberlin and the Education of Women” (manuscript), 1883
“Mrs. Elizabeth W. Russell Lord” in Oberlin Alumni Magazine, January 1905

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