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RG 30/67 - George Nelson Allen Family (1812-1877)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Series I. Correspondence of George N. Allen

Subseries 1. Correspondence (incoming)

Box 1

Letters Rec'd by G.N. Allen, 1832-1841, 1845-1847, 1850-1871 (6f)

Subseries 2. Correspondence (outgoing)

Box 1 (cont.)

Letters Sent by G.N. Allen, 1840-1841, 1845-1846, 1850-1856 (4f)

Series II. Correspondence of Caroline Mary Rudd Allen

Subseries 1. Correspondence (incoming)

Box 2

Letters Rec'd by Caroline Mary Rudd Allen, 1836-1849, 1882, 1888-1889, 1892, n.d. (7f)
Letters Rec'd by Caroline Mary Rudd Allen, 1836-1839 (photocopies only)

Subseries 2. Correspondence (outgoing)

Box 2 (cont.)

Letters Sent by Caroline Mary Rudd Allen

Alice Allen, 1881, 1883-1884, n.d. (5 items)
Carrie N. Allen, 1875-1891 (104 items) (9f)
Allen Children, 1874, 1887, 1889, 1890
Hezekiah Rudd, 1870?

Series III. Correspondence of the Allen Children

Subseries 1. Correspondence (incoming) of Carrie N. Allen

Box 3

Correspondence (incoming) of Carrie N. Allen

Alice W. Allen (sister), 1865-1893, n.d. (33 items)
Arthur Frederic Allen (nephew), 1897, 1900, 1916-1917, 1924 (9 items)
Emmeline Allen (sister-in-law), 1905
George M. Allen (brother), 1885
Helen Hudson Allen (sister-in-law), 1885, 1923, 1924 (6 items)
Rosa Dale Allen (Cochran) (sister), 1876-1877 (5 items)
Mary Alice Penfield Ament ('75), 1882, 1891-1894 (9 items)
Charles Behre (nephew), 1921
Charles Dewby, 1883
Bertha Harvey, 1923
Margaret Allen Hubbard (niece), 1911, 1924 (2 items)
Mrs. S. J. Lewis, 1882
Mary K. Munroe, 1908, 1910, 1912-1914 (12 items)
Henry Rudd (uncle), 1905
Judson Smith, 1893

Subseries 2. Correspondence (incoming) of Alice W. Allen

Box 3 (cont.)

Correspondence (incoming) of Alice W. Allen

Carrie N. Allen (sister), 1880-1881, 1883, 1893, 1903 (33 items)
Emmeline Allen (sister-in-law), 1898, 1905-1906 (3 items)
Frederic Deforest Allen (brother), 1873, 1876, 1881, n.d. (8 items)
G.N. Allen (father), 1871
Helen Hudson Allen (sister-in-law), 1906?, n.d. (2 items)
Rosa Dale Allen (Cochran) (sister), 1876-1877, 1885, 1893, 1902 (15 items)
Mary Rudd Cochran (niece), 1899?
Kitty Fairchild, 1898, 1901-1902 (5 items)
Mary Fairchild, 1896
Henry Rudd (uncle), 1906
Margaret Rudd (cousin), 1895, n.d. (2 items)
Mary St. John Rudd (cousin), 1893
Jane Deforest Shelton (cousin), 1893
Ella Steele, 1892
Susan Allen Wright, 1893, 1899-1902 (11 items)
Postcards, 1906, 1908 (2 items)

Subseries 3. Correspondence of Other Allen Children

Box 3 (cont.)

Frederic Deforest Allen and wife Emmeline Laighton Allen

Letters Rec'd from Frederic Deforest Allen to Caroline Mary Rudd Allen, 1875, 1888-1889, 1891, n.d. (6 items)
Letter Rec'd from Frederic Deforest Allen to ________, 1877
Letter Rec'd from Cornelius Bradly to Emmeline Allen (Mrs. Frederic Deforest Allen), 1897
Letters (extracts), from Various Correspondents to Emmeline Allen (Mrs. Frederic Deforest Allen), 1897

George M. Allen

Letter Rec'd from Emmeline Allen (Mrs. Frederic Deforest Allen), 1891
Letter Rec'd from J.N. Stone, 1906

Series IV. Correspondence of Rudd-Deforest Family Members

Subseries 1. Correspondence of Nancy Deforest Allen and husband Jason Allen

Box 4

Letters Rec'd by Nancy Deforest Allen, 1804, 1808, 1811, 1812-1813, 1818, 1823, n.d. (2f)
Letters Rec'd by Nancy Deforest Allen, 1804-1805, 1809, 1811-1812, 1817-1818 (photocopies only)
Letter Rec'd from Jason Allen to Hezekiah Rudd, 1828 (copy only)

Subseries 2. Correspondence Rec'd by Abigail Rudd (Shelton)

Box 4 (cont.)

Letters Rec'd by Abigail Rudd (Shelton), 1828-1837 (3f)
Letters Rec'd by Abigail Rudd (Shelton), 1826, 1830-1831, 1833-1836 (photocopies only)

Subseries 3. Correspondence Rec'd by Sally Rudd

Box 4 (cont.)

Letters Rec'd by Sally Rudd, 1824, 1828, 1830-1841, n.d. (10f)
Letters Rec'd by Sally Rudd, 1823, 1830-1831, 1833, 1839 (photocopies only)

Subseries 4. Correspondence Rec'd by Mr. and Mrs. Mahan/Sally Rudd

Box 4 (cont.)

Sally Rudd and Mrs. Mary Mahan (Mrs. Asa Mahan)

Letter Rec'd from Clarissa Palmer, 1833 , 1834 (2f)
Letter Rec'd from ________ , n.d.

Mrs. Mary Mahan (Mrs. Asa Mahan)

Letter Rec'd from R.M. Sheldon, 1833
Letter Rec'd from M.B. Blanchard, 1833
Letter Rec'd from E. ________, 1836

Mr. and Mrs. Asa Mahan

Letter Rec'd from R.M. Sheldon, 1830
Letter Rec'd from Ora Holloway, 1836

Series V. Diaries, Journals and Notes File

Subseries 1. Jamaica Journals of George N. Allen

Box 5

Jamaica Journals, 1863-1864 (2 volumes)

Subseries 2. Geological Diaries and Notes of George N. Allen

Box 5 (cont.)

"American Localities of Fossils from Dana's Geology," ca. 1863
"Attached to the U.S. Geological Survey under F. [Ferdinand] V. Hayden," 1871 (Diary)
"United States Geological Survey under Prof. F. [Ferdinand] V. Hayden, Geologist," 1871 (Journal)
Field Diary U.S. Geological Survey (original and photocopy), 1871
Geology and Conchology Notes, n.d.

Series VI. Lecture Notes/Presentations File

Box 6

Lecture Notes/Presentations of George N. Allen

Biblical Interpretation (Genesis), n.d.
"Facts and Principles in Physical Geography," n.d.
"Inorganic Chemistry," n.d.
Lecture on Geology, n.d., 1858
"Science and Revelations: Their Correlations and Limitations," n.d.
"Science," Read before Seniors, 1870
"Zoology," 1867

Other Files

Address, Female Society of Colchester, Connecticut, by Maria Deforest Rudd, 1811-1812? (original and photocopy)

Series VII. Hymn Books and Music File

Box 6 (cont.)

Hymn Books (compiled by G.N. Allen),

The Social and Sabbath School Hymn Book, Oberlin, Ohio, 1846, 1850, 1852, 1854 (6 volumes)

Music (printed)

"The Ocean Burial," n.d.
"Oh Bury Me Not in the Churchyard," 1852
"Oratorio of Absalom," Commencement Concert, 1852
Note: See W.C. Cochran papers (30/8) for additional sheet music.

Music printed by G. N. Allen for the Oberlin Choir and Oberlin Musical Union, c.1843, n.d. (2f) [acc. 2002/4]

Music (photocopies)

"Far, Far Away," 1846
"The Gathering of the Free," n.d.
"New Year's Song," 1860?
"Vesper Song," 1859?
"Voices of Another Clime," 1859
Program, Concert (featuring works by G.N. Allen), 1846

Series VIII. Certificates and Diplomas

Box 7


Fireman Ward 10, Boston, G.N. Allen, 1831
Oberlin Sabbath School, Alice W. Allen, 1858-1862
Oberlin Sabbath School, Carrie N. Allen, 1859-1860, 1862, 1870
Oberlin Sabbath School, Rosa Dale Allen (Cochran), 1859-1860 (2f)
"Reward of Merit," G.N. Allen, c, 1820s
Teaching Certificate, Susanna Deane Allen (copy of an 1804 document), 1910


Oberlin College, George Nelson Allen, A.B. 1838 (photostat)
[original housed with RG 0 College General, Series 27, Box 5]
Oberlin College, Caroline Mary Rudd (Allen), A.B. 1841 (photograph)

Series IX. Miscellaneous Materials File

Box 7 (cont.)

Allen-Rudd Genealogical Files

Obituaries, Allen Family, 1880-1920
Rudd Family Genealogy, n.d.

Files Relating to Oberlin College

Lease with Oberlin College, Lot on Prospect Street, G.N. Allen, 1842?
Professional Appointments, Oberlin College, G. N. Allen, 1842, 1853, n.d.

Other Files

Announcement, Piano Classes, Taught by Carrie N. Allen, n.d.
Autograph Book, Carrie N. Allen, c. 1870s

Box 8

Other Files (cont.)

"Carol by Bishop Brooks," with suggestions made by Alice W. Allen, n.d.
Lenses, Eyeglasses, G.N. Allen, n.d.
Letter Rec'd by Lydia Gaston from Rebecca Gray, 1837
List, Safety Deposit Box, Caroline Mary Rudd Allen and Alice W. Allen
Notes, unidentified, n.d.
Oberlin Alumni Magazine, 1908
Poem, "The Wind," Kate Allen, n.d.
Poem, Written by Sally Rudd (?), 1799, n.d.
Purchase, Plot at Westwood Cemetery, Oberlin, Ohio, G.N. Allen, 1870
Receipts (re: taxes, water bills), 1875-1891

Collected Publications of Allen Family

Cultural Publications (i.e., An Armenian-English Primer, by Emily Post Rudd), 1855, n.d.
Religious Publications (3 Bibles), c.1830-1863 (7 vols.)

Series X. Writings, 1859-70, n.d.
(this series was added as a late addition to the Allen Family Papers in January 2002)

Box 8 (cont.)

Statements, Oberlin College Cabinet (natural history museum), G.N. Allen, 1859, 1870, n.d.
Descriptive Catalogue of Minerals: with a Conspectus of Classes and Orders, Systems of Crystallization, &c.; Together with a Complete List of Minerals as classified and arranged in the Cabinet of the Smithsonian Institution, at Washington, D.C. Prepared for the Use of Classes in Mineralogy. Oberlin: J.B.T. Marsh, printer, 1866. Includes three pages of handwritten notes inserted in the volume. [acc. 2002/4]
Synoptical Arrangement of the Classes, Orders, Families and Genera of the Animal Kingdom. Prepared for Classes in Systematic Zoology. Oberlin: W. E. Elliott & Co., printers, 1867. [acc. 2002/4]

Series XI. Non-Textual Materials Files
(formerly Series X)

Box 9

Photographic Albums

Albums, William C. Cochran, c. 1860s (2 volumes)
Album, n.d. (1 volume)

Daguerreotypes (13 images)

Caroline Mary Rudd Allen, 1853?
Carrie N. Allen, c. 1850s (2)
G.N. Allen, n.d. (2)
Sarah Antoinette Edgerton (Mrs. Daniel N. Bordwell), '54, n.d.
Charles Grandison Finney and Elizabeth Grandison Finney, c. 1850s
Julia M. Read (Mrs. S.P. Daniels), '41, n.d.
Unidentified, n.d. (5)

`Tintypes, 1873, n.d  (2 images)

G.N. Allen, n.d.  (See photographs)
CSC Club, Oberlin, Ohio, 1873 (with Carrie N. Allen)

Box 10

Drawings (1 image)

Drawing, Otis Allen Farmhouse, Mansfield, Mass., n.d.

Photographs (32 images)

Alice W. Allen, 1864, n.d. (2)
Caroline Mary Rudd Allen, 1853 (see daguerreotypes), c. 1860s
Caroline Mary Rudd Allen with Allen Children, c. 1880s
Carrie N. Allen, n.d.
Frederic Deforest Allen, 1863
Frederic and Alice W. Allen, n.d.
Frederic or George M. Allen?, n.d.
George M. Allen, 1921 (3)
George M., Carrie, and Rosa Allen, c. 1860s (2)
G.N. Allen, 1865, n.d. (2) (See tintypes)
G.N. Allen and Susan Allen Wright (sister), Children of, 1850s
Helen Jeanette Allen, 1893
Rosa Dale Allen (Cochran), n.d. (3)
William C. Cochran, c. 1860s (2)
Diploma, Caroline Mary Rudd Allen, 1841
Hymnal, Hymns for Social Worship, 1863
Abraham Lincoln and Cabinet, c. early 1860s
John and Hope Cox Pope, 1901
Unidentified, n.d. (2)
Roxa Wilcox, n.d.
H.B. Wolcott, n.d.
Susan Allen Wright, n.d.

Box 11

Cabinet Collection Specimens (2)
amethyst stone, n.d.
piece of petrified wood, n.d.
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