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RG 30/418 - Hamlin, Frances J. Cade & E. John (1912-2006) (1915-2010)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.
A plus sign (+) denotes materials available in digital form.

Series 1. Correspondence
Box 1
Frances Cade Hamlin, letter to her parents, 1948
Frances and John Hamlin, letters received, 1982, 1986, 1989, 1994
John Hamlin, email to OSMA, 2006
Series 2. Report Letters to OSMA and Others
Box 1 (cont.)
Frances Cade, Taigu, China, 1934-35
John Hamlin, Taigu, China, 1936-37 (3f)
Series 3. Speeches and Talks
Box1 (cont.)
Station meeting notes and talks, 1934-36, n.d.
Speeches and talks, 1934-35, ca. 1983, 1984, 1986, 1988
Speech notes, conference notes, transcriptions, 1935-37, n.d.
Series 4. Newspaper Writings
Box 1 (cont.)
Frances Cade Hamlin
Letters to the editor of the Miamisburg News, 1934, 1936-37
Published letters in the Miamisburg News, 1934-36, ca. 1946 (copies of clippings)
John Hamlin
Published Letters in the Orleans Republican, ca. 1936-37 (copies of clippings)
Series 5. Miscellaneous
Box 1 (cont.)
Student compositions collected by Frances Cade, 1934-37
Hand-made booklet with cut-paper illustrations, ca. 1934-37
OSMA printed matter, 1976, 1984-86, 1988, 1992-93, n.d.
World Council of Churches publications, 1976, 1984
China Celebration lists, n.d.
Materials relating to Frances Hamlin's death, 2006
World Council of Churches, commemorative newsletter issue for John Hamlin, 2010
Series 6. Photographs
Box 2
Group portrait, unidentified, ca. 1936
Photographs by John Hamlin, 1936-37 (2f)
Mounted photos of trip to China by Frances and John Hamlin, 1982 (exhibited at the OSMA centennial celebration, 2008)
Box 3 (Oversize)
Oversize photographs by John Hamlin
+Portrait of Mark Wu, ca. 1936
+“On a Junk in the Yangtze River,” ca. 1937
+“Freshman high school student,” 1937
China (albums by representative Frances Cade, with separate notes by E. John Hamlin, March 2006) (2v)
1. China, photographs ca. 1936-37
2. China, photographs ca. 1935
Series 7. Mixed Media
Box 4
Photograph albums (9) with accompanying voice diary (6 cassette tapes) documenting trip to China, 1982 (see also Photographs, Box 2)
1. Hong Kong, Canton, Shanghai
2. Shanghai, Nanking
3. Nanking, Jinan
4. Jinan
5. Taiyuan, Taigu
6. Taigu, Taiyuan
7. Beijing Express, Beijing
8. Beijing
9. Beijing, Hong Kong
Series 8. Films
Box 5
Canister 1 [Accession 2008/039]
One 16mm black and white, silent film of GST faculty and students, 1938 by John Hamlin
Canister 2 [Accession 1982/006]
One 16mm black and white, silent film of Frances and John Hamlin’s wedding, July 1942 (OCA film #231)

For additional films by John Hamlin, see RG 15. Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association Records, Subgroup VII, Series 5.

Series 9. Coin and Currency Collection
Box 6
Frances Hamlin’s currency and ancient charm collection
+Paper bills: Japanese-occupied Korea, 1920; Manchuria, 1932; Suiyuan, 1932; Taigu & Shanxi Province, 1934; Shandong Province, 1936; China People’s Bank, 1948
Guide to ancient Chinese coin collection with sample coins, 1940
Box 7
Ancient Chinese coins and charms
Box 8
Modern coins: China, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Poland,
Russia and unidentified, late 19th to mid-20th centuries
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