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RG 30/373 - Irenaeus Atwood Family (1850-1913)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Series I. Correspondence, 1882, 1904, 1906, 1909

            Subseries 1. Correspondence of Irenaeus J. Atwood, 1882

Box 1

To “Brothers and Sisters” from Dr. Irenaeus Atwood, Tienstsin, N. China, 2 October 1882

            Subseries 2. Correspondence of the Atwood Family, 1904, 1906, 1909

Box 1 (cont.)

Postcard to “Miss Mabel Atwood” from “W.A. Hemingway”, 27 November 1904
To “My Dear Mabel [Atwood]” from “Mother,” 20 November 1906
To “Dear Mabel [Atwood]” from Alice E. Corner, Shanghai, 16 April 1909

Series II. Printed Matter, c. 1877, 1895, 1901, n.d.

Box 1 (cont.)

The Christian Minister’s Affectionate Advice to a Married Couple  by Rev. James Bean, A.M., c. 1877
Handbook for Missions and Missionaries of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1901
Chinese Hymnal, prepared by Rev. H. Blodget, D.D., and Rev. C. Goodrich, D.D. 1895
Going on Furlo, by Mary Williams Hemingway, Taiku, Shansi, China, n.d.

Series III. Writings by Dr. Irenaeus Atwood, 1900, 1910, n.d.

Box 1 (cont.)

Breezes from the Flowery Kingdom: Notes and Incidents connected with Missionary Work in Shansi, 1900
Chinese Proverbs, n.d.
The Light of Asia vs. the Light of the World, 1910

Series IV. Photographs, 1905–06, 1968, n.d.

Box 1 (cont.)

Annette Atwood, Paul Atwood, and Iranaeus Atwood, n.d.
Dr. Iranaeus J. Atwood in Mandarin Costume, n.d.
Mrs. Atwood and Adelaide Hemingway, Taikuhsien, February 1906
Winter scene, house, winter 1905-06
“Ray Atwood in Grandpa’s robe with Howard assisting,” 1968 (color photo)


Series V. Miscellaneous, 1884, n.d.

            Subseries 1. Materials Relating to the Atwood Family, 1884, n.d.

Box 1 (cont.)

Student notebook/exercise book of Mabel Atwood for French class, Miss Jewell’s School in China, n.d.
Miscellaneous biographical notes and personal letter, Mabel Atwood, n.d.
Permit for Iranaeus Atwood to travel in China (in English and Chinese), 8 October 1884 (oversize)

Subseries 2. Chinese Artifact and Materials, n.d.

Box 1 (cont.)

Set of Chinese characters, n.d. 
Chinese color illustration – Kitchen Gods, Worshiped by cooks and servants in the kitchen, n.d.
The Lao Hsi Erh (old western), n.d.
Trifold pocket book, leather (black and red) with Chinese characters and drawings, n.d.

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