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RG 30/351 - Susan Rowena Bird (1865-1900)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

(All in Box 1)

Series 1. Bird Family Correspondence, 1852 – 1932

Subseries 1: Outgoing Letters of Rowena Bird, 1898 - 99

To “My Dear Mother,” onboard R.M.S. Empress of China, September 26 1898 (original and photocopy)
To “My Dear Mother,” Tingchu – Taiku, China, October 23 – November 11, 1898 (original and incomplete photocopy)
To “My Dear Mother,” Taiku, January 19 1899 (original and photocopy)
To “My Dear Mother,” Li Man, June 2 1899 (original and incomplete photocopy)

Subseries 2: Letters Received by Mrs. Susan Bowen Bird, 1900-01

From H.P. Pond, Oberlin, August 15 1900 (original and photocopy)
From H.H. Kung, Peking, China, May 28 1901 (typescript, translated by Luella Miner, and photocopy)
From Luella Miner, Peking, China, May 30 1901 (typescript and photocopy)

Subseries 3: Outgoing Letters of Ossian F. Bird, 1870, 1883, 1888

To “Dear Mother,” St. Louis, July 1 1870 (original and photocopy)
To “Dear Mother,” Milwaukee, February 24 1883 (original and photocopy)
To “Dear Mother,” Milwaukee, November 5 1888 (original and photocopy)
To “Dear Mother and Sister,” Milwaukee, December 6 1888 (original and photocopy)

Subseries 4: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1852, 1854, 1859, 1890, 1932

Silas Bowen to “Ever Dear Children,” Telchville, January 8 1852 (original and photocopy)
Silas Bowen to “Dear Children,” Telchville, January 24 1854 (original and photocopy)
Incomplete letter to “My Dear Wife,” possibly written by W.H. Bird, Cotton Wood Grove, IL, May 28 1859 (original and photocopy)
Marcia [Bowen] to “My Dear Sister,” October 29 1890 (original and photocopy)
“Mother” (possibly Mrs. O.F. Bird) to “My Dear Gene” (Eugene C. Bird), September 20 1932, including genealogical notes from Fred Bird dated August 1932 (original and photocopy)

Series 2: William H. Bird Miscellany, 1843, 1848, n.d.

Letter to W.B. Beebe, S.A. Bowen, T.W. Lane, and others (“To the Mob at Hannible, Mo.”), Schneail Island, March 5 1843 (original and photocopy).
Two letters to Editor of Iowa Freeman, July 10 1848 and n.d. (original and photocopy)
“Original Sin,” essay, n.d. (original and photocopy)

Series 3: Genealogical Notes, 1899, n.d.

Notes on the Putnam Family, January 20 1899 (o‘riginal and incomplete photocopy)
Notes from Centennial History of Oregon vol. I p. 409, notes on Caldwell family, n.d. (original and photocopy)

Series 4: Miscellaneous Textual and Printed Material, n.d.

“Our Jennie” memorial pamphlet for Jennie Pond Atwater, n.d. (original and photocopy)
Calling card of Mrs. S.B. Bird; verse (with envelope) written to Susan Bowen (S.B. Bird), n.d. (originals and photocopies)
Newspaper clipping about Wiley family members in Wabash veteran corps, n.d. (originals and photocopies)

Series 5: Miscellaneous Photocopied Material [July 13 2002], 1899, 1900, 1907, n.d.

Letter to Walter B. Bird from S.R. Bird, Taiku, China, January 3 1899
Letter to Ossian F. Bird from E.E. Strong, Boston, MA, July 23 1900
Letter to “Dear Father” (A.T. Hemingway) from W.A. Hemingway, Taiku, China, August 24 1907
Journal of S.R. Bird, incomplete, Taiku, China, June 25 – July 18 1900
Scroll written in Chinese characters, n.d. (photocopied in segments)

Series 6: Photographs, 1907, 1912, 1945, n.d.

Homestead”; “Gene, Homestead, West Allis,” Milwaukee, WI, 1912 (three photocopied photographs on one sheet; two 5x7 prints)
“James L. Stoppard, Evelyn Logan, West Allis June 1907.” (one of four photocopied photographs on one sheet; 2 copies of sheet)
“Florence Turner, Carol Bird, N. Greenfield, Freeman Muth.” n.d. – probably 1907 (photocopy, see above)
“James Thoburn Stoppard, West Allis June 1907” (photocopy; see above)
“Mrs. Muth, Freeman, Mrs. O.F. Bird, Mrs. Thoburn, Mr. Kung, Mrs. S.B. Bird, Carol Bird” n.d. – probably 1907 (photocopy; see above)
Bird Family Reunion, November 30 1945
Margaret Caldwell (mother of Katherine Caldwell Bayha), n.d.
Samuel Bird as Civil War sergeant, n.d.

NOTE: All photocopies are included in a separate folder.

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