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RG 30/307 - Herbert Shore Collection in Honor of Eduardo C. Mondlane
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Subgroup I. Historical Files relating to Herbert Shore’s interests in the Arts and Culture

Series 1. Council on the Arts, Culture, and Technology (TACT), 1962-63, 1971-84, 1991, n.d. (1 architectural drawing)

Box 1

TACT General Information
Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal Art from Papunya, Central Australia, Dec. 12, 1977
Ad-hoc panel in view of the preparation of the Second World Conference on Cultural Policies, Dec. 15–19, 1980
Annual Report to U.S. NATCOM, Sept. 30, 1980
Art and Education, Mar. 5, 1971
Art and the Future, 1978-80
Art in a Technological Society, Report by Herbert Shore, 1980
Art in a Technological Society, Workshops, Jan 24-25, 1980 (4f)
Desmond E. Berghofer, The Development of Educational Policy in the Context of Lifelong Learning: A Discussion Paper, Mar. 2, 1983
The Black Art Revolution in the United States and Its Possible Relevance to Africa, Report to the Ford Foundation by Ulli Beier, n.d.
The Communications Explosion, (1972?)
Correspondence, 1978-80
Cultural Development and Policies, 1975-82, n.d.
Cultural Policy and Unesco, 1979-1981, n.d., (3f)
Cultural Transformations and the Human Scale of Time and Space, Ludwik Bielawski, n.d.
Cultural Values, n.d.
Culture & Technology, 1978, 1982, n.d. (4f)
Development of a New Instrument of Percussion –The Two-Manual Vibraphone, Ronald M. George, n.d.
Economic Order, Moving Towards Change, 1976
Education, Department of, 1976-1983 (5f)
Educational Film Center, Storytellers, 1977-1979
Educational Research. Mozambique, 1980, n.d.
Expert Meeting on the Financing of Culture, Sept. 12-14, 1974, in French and English, (2f)
Folklife, n.d.
Implementation of Cross-Cultural Studies Programme, Sept. 6, 1975
Institut bulgare pour la culture, July 7, 1980
Institute for Afro-American and African studies, 1982
Institute for Culture Muvelodeskutato Intezet, 1982-84
Institute for Cultural Progress, 1980-81
International Thesurus of Cultural Development, 1976-77, (2f)
Deborah, Kanarek, 1982-83
Mondlane Project, 1978-81 (3f)
Mozambique Education Fund, Inc., 1979-80
Music Education Delegation, visit form the People’s Republic of China, April 29, 1980
Musische Vorming Nov. 20. 1979

Box 2

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA), 1980-82
National Building Museum Blueprints, 1981
National Centre for the Performing Arts, 1975, 1983
National Center for Urban Affairs, 1978-80
National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, 1980
National Council on Foreign Language and International Studies, 1982
National Cultural Council, 1982
National Endowment for the Humanities, 1977-82, n.d. (2f)
National Festival Conference, 1979
National Referral Center, 1979
National Repertory Theatre, 1982
Native Americans of Laguna Pueblo, 1979
Neighborhood Arts Programs National Organizing Committee (NAPNOC), 1981-82
New England Conservatory of Music, 1979-81
New Mexico Arts Commission, Tisa Gabriel, 1981
New Russia Orchestra (ROA), 1978
New Zealand Association for Continuing and Community Education, 1979
New Wilderness, 1976-77
Older Persons Information & Counseling Association, 1983
Olympic Winter Games XIII, 1980, 1978-80
Olympic, Summer Olympics 1984, 1980, 1982
Open University, 1976-82
Organization of American States, 1977-82
Overseas Artists Limited, 1983
The Pacific/Asian American Mental Health Research Center, 1975, n.d.
Pacific Cultures and U.S. Media Project, 1982(?), n.d.
Peking Opera, 1979-80
People’s Republic of China Film Delegation, n.d.
Paul Perrot, 1977, 1980
Puppet Theater, Egypt, 1962
The Quest for the American Sound, 1980-81
Arthur Rabin, 1982
Regional Resource Center on Southern Africa, n.d.
Martin Roberts & Associates, 1980
Paul Robeson Archives, Inc., 1980
Rockefeller Foundation, 1978-82
John D. Rockefeller III Fund, 1974-75

Box 3

Marcia B. Siegel, 1980
Space Technology, Looking Toward Space, James Michener, 1980
Space Theatre for Dance: Fuller, Graham , Noguchi, 1975, 1980 (architectural drawing for theater is in 420A, drawer 8, see also Series 4 for photographs of dance dome)
Barrie Stavis, 1973-81
Symbolic History Project, 1981-82
Technology and Culture, n.d.
Technology and Cultural Values Project, 1978
Technology, Cultural Value & the Creative Imagination, NEH final report, 1980, n.d.
Theater, n.d.
Theater and Society, 1981, n.d.
Theater and Technology: Impact of Television, n.d.
Third World Culture Change & Cultural Transfer, 1973
Toward the World of Tomorrow, 1963, 1977-80
UC Davis, 1977
UC Irvine, 1976-78
UCLA: Law School, 1981
UCSD: Center for Music Experiment, 1977
UCSD: General, 1974, 1977
UN University: Project on Socio-Cultural Development Alternatives in a Changing World, 1981
UNESCO, 1976-81, (4f)

Final Report on Cultural Co-operation in Latin America and Caribbean, Nov. 1979
Report of the Special Committee, Executive Board, Nov. 1978
TACT proposal, 1978-82, n,d,
U.S. permanent delegate to, 1976, 1980-81
Dr. Ziolkowski (Director Division of Cultural Development) visits, Aug. 1979

UNICEF, U.S. Committee, Dec. 1981
University of Denver, General Correspondence, 1980
University of Denver, Grad. School of International Studies, 1977-78, 1980
U.S. Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs, 1978, 1980, 1983
U.S. National Commission for Unesco (US NATCOM), 1974-82, (7f)

Cultural Committee, 1978-79
Deputy Director, 1974. 1976, 1978-82
Director, Division of Cultural Studies and Circulation, 1975-77
Executive Secretary/Director, 1979-81
General, 1976-78
NATCOM/UNESCO Correspondence, 1979, n.d.
Secretary General, Finnish National Commission, Apr. 1980

U.S. National Music Council, June 1981
United World College of the American West, May 1982
H.M. Williams “The Language of Civilization: President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities,” 1991

Series 2. Theatrical Files, 1964, 1969-70, 1981, 1987, n.d.

Box 1

Aristophanes, Der Frieden (tr. Peter Hacks), program (German), n.d.
Den Hertog, Ary, Sybrech Willemsdochter, playscript (Dutch), n.d.
Gabre-Medhin, Tsegaye, Collison of Your Altars (A Play Based on the Fall of the Third Greatest Power in the World: Emperor Kaleb’s Axumite Ethiopia of Sixth Century), n.d.
Hasenclever, Walter (tr. E. C. Hassold), Human Beings, playscript, n.d.
Hill, Errol, What Price a Slave: play in six scenes, playscript, 1970
Luke, Peter, Hadrian the Seventh, playscript, 1969
“ Play Dürrenmatt” symposium, program, USC, Los Angeles, 1981
Rea, Kenneth, “Search for the Inner Life of the Actor” (article taken from an unidentified journal), n.d.
Saxer, Dena, Kathe Kollwitz: She who sees Everything, playscript and Saxer’s professional resume, 1987
Shakespeare, William (tr. Julius K. Nyerere), Julius Caesar, playscript (non-English), staging notes, and program from production at St. Francis’ College in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1964. (note: this file also includes brochures and invitations to art exhibitions in Nigeria, n.d)
Shore, Herbert, Not with our Fathers: a Fable for our time, out of history, but not an historical play, playscript, n.d.
Triana, José, The Criminals, playscript with staging notes, n.d.

Series 3. Recordings (audio)

Subseries 1. Cassette Tapes, 1976, 1987, 1994, n.d. (10 tapes)

Housed with Subgroup II, Series 7 (Box 1)

Christie Institute: Daniel Sheenan, (Nicaraguan Culture) 1987
Herb [Shore]’s proposal on technology for reaching diverse audiences for the arts, with critical reply by ?, n.d.
Life: A Biological Question/Salk/Biological Evolution and Cultural Evolution, n.d.
Ernst Toch: A Remembrance (1987)
Marvin Wachman, Wally Nelson-1-Dup., n.d.
Witness to the Holocaust, narr. Miles Lerman, by U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, 1994

Subseries 2. Reel to Reel Recordings, n.d.

Box 1

BC 1-2 to BC 27-28 (14 reels), n.d.

Box 2

BC 29-30 to BC 33-34 (3 reels), n.d.
Alvin Ailey, Blues Suite, l reel, n.d.
Alvin Ailey, Lament,1 reel, n.d.
Alvin Ailey, Phoebe Snow, 1 reel, n.d.
Alvin Ailey, Prodigal Prince,1 reel, n.d.
Alvin Ailey, Revelations, 1 reel, n.d.
Alvin Ailey, Tango Palace, 1 reel, n.d.
Cuban Music, 2 reels, n.d.

Box 3

Dance/Moz. (Chude's (?) demo.), l reel, n.d.
Folk Songs of the U.S., (typed inventory included), 2 reels, n.d.
Player Piano through Con Cow Blues (?), 1 reel, n.d.
Unidentified, 2 reels, n.d.

Series 4. Photographs, 1966, c. 1980, n.d. (27 photographs)

Box 1

Dance Dome Model, proposed Martha Graham Space Theater for Dance, c. 1980 (5 b/w photographs; see also Series 1. TACT Files, “Space Theatre for Dance” for correspondence and architectural drawing)
New Mexico artifacts and traditional craftsmen (8 b/w photographs), n.d.
Unidentified museum (Musée Nationale?) (8 b/w photographs), n.d.
Haussa village (2 b/w photographs), n.d.
Scene from unidentified play (1 b/w photograph), n.d.
Sex education class (1 color photograph), n.d.
Unidentified individuals (1 b/w photograph), n.d.
Variety show (1 b/w photograph with label in German?), 1966

Continued in Subgroup II.

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