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RG 30/250 - Marlene Deahl Merrill (1933-)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.


Accession 1995/142

Research files of Marlene Deahl Merrill (O.C. Research Associate) regarding the impact women had on John Keep and William Dawes’ college fund raising trip to England in 1839. Total volume: 0.6 l.f.Accession 1998/051

Papers of Marlene Deahl Merrill related to research of the life of Sarah Margru Kinson Green, including a typescript copy of Merrill’s talk “Sarah Margru Kinson: An Amistad Captive Comes to Oberlin”, presented at the annual meeting of O.H.I.O, 8 April 1998; research materials from Oberlin Review 17 April 1895, copies of correspondence from the AMA Archives, Fisk U., “Sarah Margru Kinson” by Ricky Clark (for quilt piece), n.d.; web site information concerning the Amistad (1998), and OAH Newsletter article RE: Amistad incident (Feb 1998); correspondence and information RE: Dave Pesci (author of Amistad) and Davidson Nichol (diplomat from Sierra Leone) 1979, 1983, 1994, 1998; correspondence between Merrill and Anne Schockley RE: Albert Burton Jowett (son of Sarah Margru Kinson ?) 1998 (copies of materials RE: Jowett from Fisk U.); typescript copy of Chapter 1. “Sarah Margru Kinson: African Missionary” for the book The Three Sarahs. Total volume: 0.2 l.f.

Accession 2001/028

Twelve (12) folders relating to the Oberlin College John L. Dube research project and public program of March 17, 2001, funded in part by the Ohio Humanities Council. Total volume: 0.2 l.f.

Accession 2001/042

Papers of Marlene Deahl Merrill related to research for Friends & Sisters... (1987) (0.8 l.f.) and Soul Mates... (1983) (0.8 l.f.), both co-edited with Carol Lasser, including photocopies of original correspondence between Lucy Stone and Antionette Brown Blackwell, transcriptions, personal handwritten notes, articles, publicity, and correspondence re: the release of the books, 1983-88; one file containing publicity and correspondence re: the publishing of The Three Sarahs, 1983-88; research materials (0.2 l.f.) relating to her paper (“Finney’s Impact at Oberlin and Elsewhere”) presented at the Charles G. Finney conference held September 10-11, 1992, at Oberlin College, including photocopies of source material, notes, and a copy of Merrill’s paper; Glenn Looman’s dissertation Karamu House: The Establishment and Evolution of a Settlement House for Cleveland’s African-American Community, 1914-23, with handwritten notes by Merrill; and two volumes of photocopies from the Blackwell Family Papers (repository not indicated). Total volume: 2.40 l.f.

Accession 2001/044

Papers of Marlene Deahl Merrill related to research for Growing Up in Boston’s Gilded Age: The Journal of Alice Stone Blackwell, 1872-1874 (1990), including a photocopy of Alice Stone Blackwell’s diary, 1872, typed and handwritten notes, maps, copies of articles, photographs (some negatives) and illustrations, publicity, and correspondence re: research and publication. Date span 1988-1991, (1.20 l.f.).

Also included are separate files consisting of copies of articles by Ellen Lawson, notices, 1979, 1983, 1989; Christ Episcopal Church, re: division in the Oberlin congregation, 1976; correspondence and supporting documents relating to entries for The Black Women in America: Historical Encyclopedia, 1991-93; a research proposal titled “Mission to England” (with Dina Schoonmaker) and related correspondence, 1994; and fifteen (15) 2x2 b/w slides of black coeds at Oberlin for the “Antebellum Black Coed Project.” (0.2 l.f.). Total volume: 1.40 l.f.

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