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RG 30/22 - James Monroe (1821-1898)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Series 1. Correspondence (Indexed and Calendared)

Box 1

Correspondence (Indexed and Calendared)

Correspondence, 1841-1861 (12f)

Box 2

Correspondence, 1862-1864 (September) (15f)

Box 3

Correspondence, 1864 (October)-1870 (April) (17f)

Box 4

Correspondence, 1870 (May)-1871 (April) (15f)

Box 5

Correspondence, 1871 (May)-1871 (December) (15f)

Box 6

Correspondence, 1872 (January-September) (19f)

Box 7

Correspondence, 1872 (October)-1874 (February) (19f)

Box 8

Correspondence, 1874 (March)-1875 (April) (16f)

Box 9

Correspondence, 1875 (May)-1876 (July) (19f)

Box 10

Correspondence, 1876 (August)-1877 (21f)

Box 11

Correspondence, 1878-1879 (October) (20f)

Box 12

Correspondence, 1879 (November)-1881 (January) (20f)

Box 13

Correspondence, 1881 (February)-1883 (March) (20f)

Box 14

Correspondence, 1883 (April)-1888 (19f)

Box 15

Correspondence, 1889-1893 (February) (20f)

Box 16

Correspondence, 1893 (March)-1898 (April) (20f)
Undated, n.d.

Series 2. Files Relating to U.S. Consulate, Rio de Janeiro

Subseries 1. Ledgers

Box 17 [Oversize]

Files Relating to U.S. Consulate, Rio de Janeiro

Ledgers, 1861-69 (4 volumes)

Subseries 2. Papers and Records

Box 18

Files Relating to U.S. Consulate, Rio de Janeiro

Cash Book, 1863-69
E.W. Metcalf Case (Insurance Claims), n.d.
H.E. Peck (Consulate for Haiti) Insurance Claims, 1867
Miscellaneous Papers (see listing in box), 1862-70

Series 3. Files Relating to Political Service

Subseries 1. Files Relating to State Government (Ohio)

Box 19

Files Relating to State Government (Ohio)

"Amendment to the Habeas Corpus Act," n.d.
"The Fugitive Slave Law," 1856
Miscellaneous Records, c.1850s-62

Subseries 2. Files Relating to U.S. Congress

Box 20

Files Relating to U.S. Congress

Bills, 1870-81 (3f)

Electoral Count, 1873-77
Hawaiian Reciprocity Treaty, 1875-76
Japanese Indemnity Fund (Bills), 1872-78
Suspension of the Rules (Bills), 1877-79
Western Reserve and Northern Ohio Historical Society, 1870-73

Committee on Education and Labor

Petitions and Memorials, 1874-75
Cornell University, 1874
William and Mary College, 1873-78

Department of Police (Washington D.C.), n.d.
Deputy Collector of Customs (Removal from Office), 1869-71
Hereditary Criminals (mss), n.d.
Pension Petitions, 1867, 1871-79
Post Office Petitions, 1871-80 (9f)
Miscellaneous Petitions, 1865-81
Taxation and Tariffs (printed), 1867, 1870-79
Temperance/Liquor Traffic, 1874-79, n.d.
Miscellany, 1870-80

Box 21 and Case 1, Drawer 25

Canvass Material, 1874-82, 1884 (8f)

Box 22

Clippings (copies and originals), 1856-79 (3f)
Scrapbooks, 1871-75, 1877-82

Series 4. Files Relating to Ministerial Career

Box 23

Files Relating to Ministerial Career


Sandusky, Ohio, c.1849
Sermons (on specific texts), c.1853-59, n.d. (6f)
"Influence of the Bible Upon Human Civilization," n.d.
"The Cultivation of Religious Sensibility," c.1850

Bible Class Papers, 1884-92, n.d.
Marriage Licenses, c.1848-61

Series 5. Talks, Speeches, and Addresses

Subseries 1. Thursday Lectures

Box 24

Thursday Lectures

"The Early Abolitionists" (3f)
"My First Legislative Experience"
I. Work in the Legislature (mss), 1888
II. Reception by the People (typescript), n.d.
"A Journey to Virginia in December, 1859" (typescript), n.d.
"Special Duties of Consuls of the United States During the Civil War," (typescript) n.d.
"William H. Seward and the Foreign Affairs of the United States," (partial mss, galley proof) 1892
"The Hayes-Tilden Electoral Commission" (offprint from The Atlantic Monthly), 1893
"Leading Speakers in Congress from 1871-1881" (mss, typescript), n.d.
"Joseph as a Statesman Gen. 41:38-40," (mss), n.d.
"Consular Experiences in Brazil," (mss), n.d.
Persons to Whom Lectures and Books Sent

Subseries 2. Manuscript Addresses and Speeches

Box 25

Manuscript Addresses and Speeches (chronological)

"Human Brotherhood," Aug. 1, 1840(?)
"Moral Heroism," (Commencement Address) 1846
"Importance of the Study of Rhetoric," 1850
Address on O. S. Fowler, Phrenologist, 1852, 1854
"Substance of an Oration," July 4, 1853
Manuscript Addresses and Speeches (cont.)
Slavery, c. 1855 (updated 1858)
"Some Remarks on Clay Soils," Sept. 28-30, 1858
Speech at Elyria, Ohio (Decoration Day), 1870
Speech at Brunswick, Ohio, July 4, 1870
Remarks at Oberlin, May 30, 1871
Remarks at Hudson, Ohio, May 30, 1873
Agriculture, July 4, 1873
Ruggles Grove, August 3, 1878
National Concerns, July 3, 1880
"What Can Farming do to Educate a Man?," February 15, 1882
"College Honors," December 4, 1883
"The Rhetorical Work of the College," May 10, 1887
"Claims of the Republican Party," November 6, 1888
"Remarks on the value of great minds of the past," February 22, 1889
"The One Hundredth Anniversary of Washington's First Inauguration," April 30, 1889
"Convention of Soldiers and Sailors in Lorain County," September 1, 1889
"Civil Service Reform," November 28, 1889
"The Conservative Higher Criticism," May 25, 1893
(High) School in Oberlin, 1895
"The Emancipation Proclamation," January 1, 1896
"Account of Method in Teaching a Bible Class of Adults," November 10, 1896
"Some Advanced Doctrines of International Law in Regard to War," 1898

Box 26

Manuscript Addresses and Speeches (undated)

"The Conservatism of Oberlin," c.1870s
"Diplomatic Service," c.1880s
"Farming in Brazil," c.1870
"The Law of Reform," c.1880s
"Popular Errors in Regard to Congress and Congressmen," c.1880s
"The Relations of Learning to National Prosperity," c.1880s
"Salmon P. Chase," c.1875
"The Theories of Mr. Henry George as found in ‘Progress and Poverty,'" c. 1882
"What Law Has Done for Labor," n.d.
Speeches used in Fall Canvass, 1870-82 (2f)
Miscellaneous, c. 1850s-1890

Subseries 3. Printed Addresses and Speeches

Box 27

Printed Addresses and Speeches

"Bill to Repeal an Act to Prohibit the Confinement of Fugitives from Slavery in the Jails of Ohio," 1858
"Bill to Repeal the Habeas Corpus Act of 1856," 1858
Campaign speech at Elyria, 1871
"Financial Policy of Grant's Administration," 1872
"Remarks on Subjects of Interest During the First Session of the Forty-Third Congress," 1874
"The National Government and Popular Education," 1875
"Remarks Upon the Character of Hon. Michael C. Kerr, Late Speaker of the House," 1876
"Counting the Electoral Votes," 1877
"Present Wants of the Nation," 1877
"Bill to Repeal the Third Section of the Resumption Act" and "Joint Resolution in Relation to the Paris Exposition," 1877
"The Silver Dollar," 1878
"Remarks on Subjects of Interest During the Third Session of the Forty-Fifth Congress," 1879
"The Value of the Diplomatic Service," 1880
"The Republican Party and the Reforms," 1881
Baccalaureate Address, 1891
"The Divine Origin of the Religion of the Bible; or How a Layman Thought out his Evidences," 1896

Series 6. Teaching Materials

Box 28

Teaching Materials

Miscellaneous Lectures, n.d.
"English Constitution and Government," n.d.
"Lectures in Modern History," n.d.
"Practical Lectures on Rhetoric," n.d.
Lecture on Political Economy (Bank of Brazil), n.d.
Political Economy Lectures, c.1890, 1891 (2f)
Political Economy (Volunteer Club and Advanced Class), 1887-94 (2f)

Series 7. Miscellaneous Files

Box 29

Miscellaneous Files

Accounts, Deeds, and Receipts

Accounts and Subscription Books, 1851-54, 1859, 1881-86 (11 vols)
Deeds, Mortgages and Transfers, 1852-76
Receipts, 1852-1893 (5f)

Biographical Material, [1821] 1837-69, 1896 (2f)
Invitations and Calling Cards, 1871-93

Box 30 [oversize]

Miscellaneous Files (cont)

American Missionary Association Certificate, 1858
Certificate appointing Monroe as U.S. Consul to Rio de Janiero (signed by Abraham Lincoln), 1862
Certificate naming Monroe as U.S. Consul (signed by William Seward), 1862
Certificates of Election, 1874, 1876
Diploma, Elizabeth Maxwell, 1846
Diploma, James Monroe, 1846, 1850, 1856
Marriage License (Job Monroe and Phoebe Collins), 1819
Republican Meeting Handbill, 1880

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