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RG 30/21 - George Frederick Wright (1838-1921)
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Series XV. Writings, 1871-1998 (1.6 l.f.)

Subseries 1. Writings by George Frederick Wright, 1871-1921, n.d.

 (Arranged in Alphabetical order by topic)

Box 1

Anthropology (unpublished)

“Anthropological Museums in Central Asia,” (Section H), n.d., 4 pp.
“Bearing of the Glacial Epoch on Theories of Evolution,” abstract, n.d., 4 pp.
“‘Chips from a German Workshop,’ by F. Max Müller, M.A.,” c.1875, 5 pp.

Archeology (unpublished)

“An Archeological Fraud in Michigan,” 1891, Detroit Tribune, 4 pp., also in Stanton Weekly Clipper, 12/11/1891.
“Archeological Treasures of Ohio–The Mound Builders of Ohio,” c. 1900 see also Journalof Archeological Institute of America 4:165, 24 pp.
“Ethnological and Archaeological Discoveries in Ohio,” Nov. 1887, 11 pp.
“Objects of Archeological Interest in the State of Ohio,” c. 1887, Ohio State
Archaeology and Historical Society Publication, 1:55-60, 174-186, 12 pp.

Archeology (published)

“Archeological Discoveries in the Delaware Valley,” Oct. 10, 1889, Published in The Independent

Geology (unpublished)

Folder 1

“Additional facts regarding the courses of the Kames in Maine,” c. 1878-9, 5 pp.
“After Completing Investigations in Gaspe...” n.d., 8 pp.
“The Age of Certain Clayey Bands in the Glacial Delta of Cleveland…” c. 1883-4, 2 pp.
“The Age of Lake Baikel,” c. 1900, 11 pp.
            see Geological Society of America Bulletin v.13, 1901
“Age of the Gravel Deposits in the Valleys of the Somme and the Thames,” n.d., 7 pp.
“The approaching Centennial Exposition of the State...” c. 1902, 8 pp.

Folder 2

 “The Balkash Basin,” c. 1900, 6 pp.
            see The Nation 71: 401-2 N22
“Blagovyeshchinsk to Stregtinsk,” 1900, 11 pp.
            see The Nation 71: 225-6 S20 August 6, 1900
“The Caspian Sea,” c.1874, 6 pp.
            see The Nation 72:66 Jan 1874

Folder 3

“Catastrophes of the Glacial Period,” c. 1891, 11 pp.
            see The Nation 53:350-1 N5
“Catastrophes of the Glacial Period,” revised, n.d. 11 pp.
“Causes and Consequences of the Irregular Boundary of the Glacial Extension into the Ohio Valley,” c. 1883-4, 9 pp.

Folder 4

“The Cedars of Lebanon,” Nov. 4, 1905, 26 pp.
“Chronology of the Glacial Epoch in North America,” 1908, 24 pp. typed, 48 pp. longhand, 9 pp. (introductory material in longhand)

Folder 5

“Climatic Changes in Central Asia…” n.d., 6 pp.
“A Closing Word with Professor Chamberlain,” 1888, 4 pp. (two drafts)
“Constantinople,” 1900, 24 pp.
            Also letter from Wendell P. Gamin of The Nation.
“The Deep Waterways Convention” Oct. 8, 1895, 8 pp.

Folder 6

[Depression in the land surface in central Asia] n.d., 48-64 pp. (fragment)
“Erosion as Seen in the Min River of Southern China,” n.d., 5 pp.

Folder 7

“Explanation of the Abandoned Beaches About the Southern End of Lake Michigan,” Bulletin of the Geographical Society of America 20:235-44 October 4, 1917 [copy of folder 8] 6 pp., Version I, 4 pp. , Version II (AB), 5 pp. Version III (EABSELM), 10 pp.
“The Extra-Morainic Drift of New Jersey,” c. 1892, 13 pp.

Folder 8

“Explanation of the Abandoned Beaches About the Southern End of Lake Michigan,” [fragile-see copy in Folder 7] 1917, 6 pp.

Folder 9

“Fallacious Estimates of Prehistoric Time,” n.d., 9 pp.
“Fish Packing in the Rocky Mountains,” n.d., 11 pp. longhand
“Fish Packing in the Rocky Mountains,” n.d., 6 pp. typescript
“Floods in the Missouri River Towards the Close of the Glacial Period,” n.d., Version I, 2 pp., Version II, 3 pp.
“Floods in the Glacial Period,” n.d., 9 pp.
“Floods of the Glacial Period,” n.d., 2 pp.

Folder 10

“Further Examination of the Lateral Erosion at the Mouth of Niagara Gorge,” c. 1900, 8 pp. (plus 1 p. re: photographs)
“Geological History of the Dead Sea,” Jan. 7, 1901, 11 pp.
“Geological History of the Great Lakes…” n.d.,  9 pp.
“Geology in a Liberal Course of Study,” n.d., 36 pp.
“Glacial Boundary in Southeastern Dakota,” c. 1885, 14 pp.
“The Glacial Boundary in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana,” March 1, 1884, 1 pp.

Folder 11

[Glacial boundary in western Pennsylvania], n.d., 139 pp. (subsequent pp. missing)

Folder 12

“Glacial Period in Ohio,” n.d., 84pp.
“Glacial Theories versus Glacial Facts,” n.d., 4 pp.
“Glacier Bay Alaska – A Trip to Alaska,” Aug. 19, 1886, 15 pp.
[Glaciers in Illinois], n.d., 12 pp. (missing pp. 1-7)
“Glaciers of Southern Greenland,” n.d.,  5 pp.

Folder 13

“History of the Discoveries and Discussions Concerning the Glacial Terraces in the Upper Ohio and its Tributaries,” n.d., 10 pp.
“How Mountains Grow,” n.d., 3 pp.
“The Hypothesis of a Glacial Dam at Cincinnati,” 1884, 63+ pp.
            American Nation 18:563-7 June, 1884
“Indian Ridge in Andover Massachusetts...” c. 1875, 11 pp.

Box 2

Geology (unpublished) (cont.)

Folder 14

“The Influence of the Glacial Epoch upon the Early History of Mankind,” 1880(?), 61 pp.
“The Irtish River,” 1900, 6 pp.
            see The Nation 71:383 N15

Folder 15

“Lake Baikal,” August 23, 1900, 22 pp.
“The Latest Discoveries of the Traces of Glacial Man at Trenton, New Jersey,” 1899, 8 pp.Presented August 23, 1899 at Ohio State University before the Anthropological section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Revised for the Scientific American Supplement.
“The Lava Beds of Idaho,” 1891, 23 pp.
            see Scientific American S19
“The Lava Beds of Idaho and California and their Relationship to the Antiquity of Man,” n.d., 16 pp.

Folder 16

“The Lava Beds of the Snake River Valley,” c. 1894 5 pp.
            see Worth Magazine 3:227-41 Mar
“A Lesson from the Rocks,” 1908, 5 pp.
[Loess], n.d., 17 pp. (missing pp. 1-3, 5, 7-9, 11-14)
“Maintaining the Level of the Great Lakes,” n.d., 3 pp.
“Man alone is interested in the past or future...” n.d., 11 pp.
“Man and the Glacial Period in Europe,” 1892, 8 pp.
            Presented May 20, 1892 for the Western Reserve Historical Society.

Folder 17

“Modifications of Evolutionary Theories Necessitated by the Facts of the Glacial Period,” n.d., 13 pp.
“Moraine Hunting in Pennsylvania,” (copy of the original?) n.d., 47 pp.
“Moraine Hunting in Pennsylvania,” n.d., 44 pp.

Folder 18

“A Moraine of Retrocession in Ontario,” 1890, 5 pp.
            Bulletin of the Geological Society of America 1:544-6
“The Motion of the Mini Glacier,” n.d., 7 pp.
“The Nampa Image,” 1889, 26 pp.
“A New Estimate of Glacial Chronology from the Erosion of Plum Creek, Oberlin, Ohio,” n.d., 7 pp.
“New Facts Bearing upon the Question of the Unity of the Glacial Period,” n.d., 19 pp.

Folder 19

“Observations in Pennsylvania, September 23rd to 26th, 1913,” 1913, 4 pp.
“The Rate of Glacial Erosion,” after 1892, 2 pp.
“Perhaps the clearest and most interesting...” n.d., 17 pp. (part of larger work?)
“The Physical Conditions in North America during man’s Early Occupancy,” n.d., 12 pp.
“Physical Geography of Palestine,” n.d., 9 pp.

Folder 20

“Pre-glacial Drainage of the Little Miami River,” n.d., 6 pp. (plus map)
“Pre-glacial Erosion in the Delaware Valley,” n.d., 6 pp.
“Probable Effects of the Glacial Period upon the Land Levels of Central Asia,” n.d., 5 pp.
“The Problem of the Loess in the Mississippi Valley Compared with that in Europe and Asia,” n.d., 9 pp.
“Professor Wright Introduced his Account of the Greenland Voyage,” n.d., 29 pp.

Folder 21

“The Rate of Glacial Erosion,” after 1892, 2 pp.
“Recent Discoveries Concerning the Relation of the Glacial Period in North America to the Antiquity of Man,” c. 1891, 47 pp.
“Recent Geological and Climatic Changes in Central Asia,” 1901, 5 pp.
“Recent Geological Changes as Affecting Theories of Man’s Development,” 1907, 10 pp.

Folder 22

“Recent Geology of the Jordan Valley,” n.d., 6 pp.
“Recent Variations of Glaciers,” n.d., 5 pp.
“The Relations of the Loess to the Glacial Drift,” n.d., 9 pp.
“The Relative Age of the Illinoian Drift,” c.1915, 5 pp.
“Reminiscences of James Birmingham Berington by one who was Privileged to Know Him,” n.d., 5 pp.

Folder 23

“Report of G.F. Wright of the explorations on the Lalor Farm, Trenton, N.J....” June 25-28, 1897, 6 pp.
“Sand and Pebbles,” Letter from Frances J. Dyer of The Congregationalist regarding “Some Familiar Geological Forces” April 1, 1896, 1 pp.
“Some Familiar Geological Forces,” [or “Water as a Geological Force] n.d., 4 pp.
“Some new Terrestrial Facts Bearing on the Date of the Close of the Last Glacial Period,” n.d., 13 pp.
“Stealing the Great Lakes,” n.d., 7 pp.
“A Summer with the Alaskan Glaciers,” n.d., 37 pp.

Folder 24

“Supposed ‘Corduroy Road’ Near Conneaut, Ohio,” n.d., 2 pp.
“Supposed ‘Corduroy Road’ of Late Glacial Age, at Amboy, Ohio,” n.d., 4 pp.
“Terraces vs. Bars and Deltas,” n.d., 5 pp.
“To the Editor of the American Geologist with reference to the Nampa Figurine” c. 1890s, 7 pp.
“A Trip to the Land of Boulders,” n.d., 5 pp.
“A Trip to the Land of Boulders,” n.d., 6 pp.
“A Vacation on Mt. Ranier,” Aug. 4-13, 1886, 15 pp.
“The Whereabouts of Nansen,” c. 1896, 6 pp.

Folder 25

Fragments, n.d.

Box 3

Geology  (Published)

Folder 1

“Autobiography of the Glacial Tramp,” 1903, 5 pp.
“Evidence of the Agency of Water in the Distribution of the Loess in the Missouri Valley,” 2 copies, April 1904, 18 pp.
“The Evidence of Glacial Man in America,” January 26, 1893, 3 columns in The Advance, [stored in oversize box]
“Extra-Morainic Drift…” 1892, 16 pp.
“The Glacial Boundary…” 1890, (Bulletin of the US Geological Survey No. 58) 112 pp.
“The Glacial Boundary in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky,” 1884, 72 pp. [incomplete]
“The Glacial Boundary in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana,” book review, copy, March 1, 1884, 1 p.
“Klondyke Gold,” n.d., 1 p.

Folder 2

“Mr. Holmes’s Criticism Upon the Evidence of Glacial Man,” May 19, 1893, 2 pp., in Science [stored in oversize box]
“My Recent European Trip,” April 1906, 6 pp. in Oberlin Alumni Magazine
The Nampa Image,” 1889, 26 pp.
“New Method of Estimating the Age of Niagara Falls,” June 1899, 10 pp.
“Observations Upon the Glacial Phenomena…” 1895, 9 pp.
“The Origin and Distribution of Loess,” post-1915, 29 pp.
“Prehistoric Andover,” 1880, 9 pp.

Folder 3

“The Rate of Lateral Erosion at Niagara,” March 1902, 7 pp.
“Recent Geological Changes in Northern and Central Asia,” 1901, 7 pp.
“Some of Professor Salisbury’s Criticisms…” 1893, 6 pp.
“Supposed Interglacial Shell-Beds in Shropshire, England,” 1891, 4 pp.
“The Supposed Post-Glacial Outlet of the Great Lakes,” 1892, 5 pp.
“Terminal Moraine,” 1884, 86 pp.

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