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RG 30/209 - Dutton Family Papers
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Series I. Correspondence, 1911-1972, n.d.

Box 1

Philip D. Dutton to Helen A. Wiley, 1911-1915 (5f)
Philip D. Dutton to Helen A. Dutton, Aug. 1936-March 1950 (12f)

Box 2

Helen A. Dutton to Philip D. Dutton, Jan. 1936-Feb. 1937 (7f)
Thos. C. Dutton to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, July 1937-Dec. 1941 (6f)

Box 3

Thos. C. Dutton to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, Jan. 1942- Dec. 1943 (19f)

Box 4

Thos. C. Dutton to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, Feb. 1945-Aug. 1964 (10f)
Thos. C. Dutton to Frank V. Dutton, March 1939
Frank W. Dutton to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, Feb. 1938-May 1953
Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton to Frank V. Dutton, Nov. 1938- Feb. 1940 (2f)
Lois H. T. Dutton to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, July 1939-Mar. 1969 (2f)
Silliman University Students to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, 1952-1956 (4f)
Ruth Wiley to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, [n.d.]
Mrs. Edgar J. Wiley to Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, [n.d]
Various Correspondents to Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, 1913-1950
Philip D. Dutton with Publishing Houses, 1931-1968
Philip D. Dutton to “Minister Conducting My Funeral Service,” 1972
Private Letters, [n.d.]
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1916-1949

Series II. General/Class Letters, Oberlin Theological Seminary, Class of 1916, 1916-40

Box 5

Correspondence by Philip D. Dutton, June 1916-Mar. 1940 (3f)

Series III. General Reports from China by Philip D. Dutton, 1922-39

Box 5 (cont.)

“Stray Notes by an American Missionary in North China” Nov. 28, 1922 (5p)
“1931 Report: Evangelistic Work Taiku Station…,” Jan. 15, 1928 (5p)
"To Those Who are Interested in American Board Work…,” Jan. 31. 1935 (8p)
“A Word from Taiku,” Nov. 18, 1939 (3p)

Series IV. Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Printed Materials, 1916-84, n.d.

Box 6

Wedding Cards and related items to Marriage of Philip Drew Dutton to Helen A Wiley, Aug. 3, 1916
Sympathy Cards to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton upon the Death of Jean Marcia, Aug. 1, 1926-Nov. 9, 1926 (3f)
Various Correspondents to Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton, August 1926
Telegrams 1936; 1952; [n.d.]
Christmas Carols (Chinese/English), c. 1937 (1v)
Wedding Album of Thomas C. Dutton & Lois E. T. Dutton “Wedding Chimes,” Apr. 1, 1942 (1v)
Certificates of Lois E. T. Dutton

Certificates of Nursing, Oct. 1942- Dec. 1966 (5 items)

Awards and Commendations of Thomas C. Dutton, 1943, 1945, 1984, [n.d.]
Tawara File (newspaper clippings), Dec. 1943; Iwo File (newspaper clippings), March 1945; Taiwan the Beautiful, c. 1955
Wedding Anniversary Book of Rev. & Mrs. Philip D. Dutton “Our 50th Wedding Anniversary,” Aug. 3. 1966
Dr. J. E. Tuckerman (newspaper clippings), 1958-1967
Thomas C. Dutton & Family (newspaper clippings), Dec. 1943-Jan. 1968
Other Printed Materials, [n.d.]
Miscellaneous, [n.d.]
Sampling of Wrappers, 1949-1960
Telegrams, Sept. 1936; July 1952
Photographic Materials, 1936-1976

Series V. Unpublished Manuscripts (Some Accompanied by Printed Material), 1931-40, n.d.

Note: Some of these titles consist of brief statements (1-2 sentences).

Box 7

Unpublished Manuscripts of Philip D. Dutton, 1931-1936

“O, Gracious Father,” July 19, 1931
“My Jean Girl” July 31, 1931
“A Missionary’s Reverie” c. 1931
“Where? Oh, Where Can It Be?” c. 1931
“A Country Missionary’s Day” c. 1932
“A Missionary Symphony” May 13, 1934
“Christmas in North China,” Dec. 16, 1935

Unpublished Manuscripts of Philip D. Dutton, undated (folder 1)

“The House of Sun” [n.d.]
“A Christian Chinese Wedding” [n.d.]
“Campaigns of Yenta Against Shansi” [n.d.]
Tai Ping Rebellion, [n.d.]
Ch’ing Lung Shan: Temple and Refuge, [n.d]
The Romance of the Shansi Business Man, [n.d.]
“A Study of Shansi Business” [n.d.]
Shansi Architecture, [n.d.]
“Strongholds of Central Shansi” [n.d.]
The Salt Industry Around Hsi Ku Ts’Un, [n.d.]
A Brief History of Missions in Shansi, [n.d.]
“When China Takes Her Next Census” [n.d.]
“Funeral of Dr. Leonard F. Wilbur,” [c. March 1940]

Unpublished Manuscripts of Philip D. Dutton, undated (folder 2)

Facing Rural Reconstruction with the Appraisers, [n.d.]
A Country Missionary’s Sunday, [n.d.]
“Please God Hamlet” [n.d.]
“The Mills at Yu Tao Ho” [n.d.]
“Yu Tao Ho: Pen Sketches…” [n.d.]
“Revamping Rural Evangelism” [n.d.] (2 copies)
“The Quest for Truth” [n.d.]
“Four Roads: Highways of the Soul” [n.d.]
“The Sight of the World” [n.d.]

Unpublished Manuscripts of Philip D. Dutton, c.1936

On the Trail to Lin-Wu

Writings of Helen A. Dutton, 1936; n.d. (2f)

“A Tale of Unending Longing” c. 1936
“Confucius”, [n.d.]
“Chinese New Year”, [n.d.]
“Returning Home…”, [n.d.]
“Some Missionaries I Have Known”, [n.d.]
“A War Convert, [n.d.]
“Kang Fu Ning’s Story…,” [n.d.]
“Some China Experiences,” [n.d.]
“My Chinese Symphony,”[n.d.]
“Reminiscences from Michigan to Taiku,” [n.d.]
“Timberlanes of the Soul,”[n.d.]
[Untitled], [n.d.]

Miscellaneous Manuscripts, [n.d.]

Series VI. Diaries & Journals, c. 1916-81, n.d.

Box 7 (cont.)

Philip D. Dutton, 1936-1937 (2f)

Peking to Boston via Suez, June 1935
Rural Work in China, c. 1937 (removed from spiral notebook)

Box 8

Helen A. Dutton, c.1916-1981, n.d. (8f)

Exercise Book (Poetry), 1934, [n.d.]
Our Trip to Central China, Sept. 12- Oct. 8, 1934
From Shanghai to Boston Summer 1935
Chinese Poetry, Composition Book, c. 1935
Travel Journal (disbound), Aug. 15, 1937.
Chinese Poetry, 1939-40
Journal, Oct. 12, 1940-Nov. 16, 1940 (loose leaves)
Journal of Class Notes, c. 1952
Collection of Poetry c. 1916-1981 (removed from two-ring binder)

Series VII. Publications, 1931-36

Box 9

Writings of Philip D. Dutton, 1932-1934 (1f)

“Understaffed Churches,” The Chinese Recorder, Jan. 1932, pp. 1-7.
“Yu Tao Ho: Pen Sketches of a Shansi Valley,” The China Journal, June 1932, pp. 331-334 (reprint).
“Two Oberlin Men,” The Missionary Herald, June 1934, p. 239.

Writings of Helen A. Dutton, 1931-1932

“Shall I Go to China as a Missionary?” The Congregationalist and Herald of Gospel Liberty, Aug. 20, 1931, p. 1138.
“A Type of Chinese Student Not in the Newspapers,” The Missionary Herald, Nov. 1932, pp. 381-382.

Writings of Helen A. Dutton, 1935-1936

“Rare Jade,” The Missionary Herald, July 1935, pp. 310-311.
“What a Woman Learned in China,” Advance, May 1, 1936, pp. 340-342.
“The Bag of Apples,” The Missionary Herald, pp. 200-202.
Huggins, Mable Irene. Natural History, Jan. 1947, pp. 40-43. Trans. by Helen V. Dutton.

Series VIII. Photographs, 1910-1957

Box 9 (cont.)
            Dutton Family Photos, 1910-57 (CD-ROM and printouts)

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