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RG 30/175 - Frederick Binkerd Artz (1894-1983)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Series I. Autobiographical Files, 1964, n.d.

Box 1

Autobiographical writings

“Memories of Childhood and Youth 1894-1924” (Oberlin, 1964), 44 pp. (Published booklet and manuscript and typescript drafts.)

Series II. Biographical Files, 1894-96, 1927-83, n.d.

The Baby’s Journal, re: Frederick B. Artz’s first two years, entries 1894-96
Honorary degrees, certificates, 1966, 1970, 1976-79
Obituaries, other press, miscellaneous articles,1927-83
Passports and vaccination certificates, 1937-79
Will, inventory of belongings/disposition, 1976, 1977, n.d.

Series III. Correspondence, 1917-18, 1927-81, n.d.

Box 2

Correspondence sent by Frederick.B. Artz, 1917-18, 1949
Correspondence received by Artz, 1917-18, 1927-81 (2f)
Correspondence received by Artz re: the death of Raymond H. Stetson, 1950-51

Note: Correspondence re: Artz’s scholarly writing is filed in Series VII.
Correspondence re: the Frederick B. Artz Book Fund is filed with Series V.

Series IV. Journals, c. 1906-1923, 1941

Box 3

Journals, travel (2 vol.): n.d. [c. 1906-12], 1914
“Specimen Days” The Oberlin Literary Magazine (Vol. X, No. 2, November 1917): excerpts from Artz’s journals, written at the U.S. Army
Ambulance Camp, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Journals, war experience (3 vol.): 1917-20 (“Specimen Days” drawn from these volumes)
Journal, travel (1 vol.): n.d. [c. 1923]
Outline of trip taken to Virginia by Artz and his parents, 1941

Series V. Miscellaneous Materials, 1854-1982, n.d.

Box 4

Relating to Frederick B. Artz

Catalogs/exhibition programs of various collections, 1941-70, n.d.
Financial records, 1973 - 82
Frederick B. Artz Book Fund, 1949
Priscilla Stevenson-Richard Meyner Wedding, 1955 - 57
World War II file: clippings, and attached items, 1942-44

Relating to other Artz Family members

Elam J. Artz family (F.B. Artz’s parents) papers, 1899-1915, 1939-52, n.d.
Mary Elizabeth Artz, Florence Minerva Artz: death notices, 1854, n.d.

Series VI. Teaching Materials, 1927-62, n.d.

Box 5

Lecture notes, 1927-61, n.d.

The Bible, Judaism, and Early Christianity, n.d.
The Eighteenth Century, n.d.
Fundamental Principles and Forces in Modern Politics, n.d.
Graeco-Roman Religion and Philosophy, n.d.
Greek Fathers, n.d.
History 1, 1939-57 (2f)
History 2, 1927-61
History of Science, n.d.
Humanism, n.d.

Box 6

The Latin Fathers, n.d.
Medieval Art, n.d.
Medieval Science, n.d.
Medieval Vernacular Literature, n.d.
Religion courses, n.d.
Renaissance Humanism, n.d.
Vernacular Literature from Petrarch to Pope, n.d.

Questionnaires (course evaluations completed by students), 1949
Syllabi, 1960-62

Box 6A

The Intellectual History of Europe from St. Augustine to Marx, University Prints, n.d. (433 prints, 4f)

Series VII. Writings and Talks, 1927-81, n.d.

Subseries 1. Writings by Artz

Box 7

Bibliography (incomplete), 1967

“Bonapartism and Dictatorship” (South Atlantic Quarterly, Vol 39, No. 1, January 1940): Reprint and attached correspondence, 1940
“Les Debuts de l’Education Technique en France 1500-1700” (Revue d’Histoire Moderne, September-December 1937): reprint, 1938
“Les Debuts des Partis Modernes en France” (Revue Historique Moderne, n.d.): reprint, n.d.
“L’Education Technique en France au Dix-Huitieme Siecle” (Revue d’Histoire Moderne, September-December 1938): reprint, 1939
“The Electoral System in France During the Bourbon Restoration 1815-30” (Journal of Modern History, Vol. I, No. 2, June 1929): reprint, 1929
“L’Enseignement Technique en France Pendant l’Epoque Revolutionnaire 1789-1815” (Revue Histoirique, Vol. 196, July-December 1946): reprint and related correspondence, 1947
“European Civilization 1815-1850: Some Unfinished Business” (Journal of Modern History, Vol. IX, No. 3, September 1937): reprint and related correspondence, 1937
“1917 and 1941” (New York: Farrar and Rinehart, 1941, “America in a World at War” series): pamphlet with related correspondence, 1941

Book contracts, 1962-81

The Development of Technical Education in France (Cambridge, Mass: Society for the History of Technology and M.I.T. Press, 1966): reviews of, 1966-67
From Renaissance to Romanticism (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1963): related correspondence, royalty reports, and reviews, 1962-64, 1972, 1978
The Intellectual History of Europe, from Saint Augustine to Marx (Boston: Ginn and Co., 1941): related correspondence, 1941
The Middle Ages, A.D. 300-1500: A Short History, ms. typescript, n.d., 188 pp.
The Mind of the Middle Ages (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1954): related correspondence, 1953-54
Reaction and Revolution, 1814-1832 (New York: Harper & Brothers, vol. XIV of “The Rise of Modern Europe,” 1934): related correspondence and reviews, 1934-35
Renaissance Humanism, 1300-1500 (Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 1966): related correspondence (re: manuscript) and reviews, 1963, 1967

Box 8

Book reviews by Frederick Artz, 1934, 1936, 1951, 1960, n.d.
Play, “Our Lady’s Juggler,” ms. typescript, 1927, n.d.
Talks (11 Chapel Talks, Oberlin College), 1938-68
Miscellaneous writings, 1945-60

Note: For “Specimen Days,” excerpts from Artz’s war journals, see Series IV.

Subseries 2. Writings about Artz, 1964

A Festschrift for Frederick B. Artz (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1964), edited by David H. Pinkney and Theodore Ropp [Book, 1997/121]

Series VIII. Photographs, 1876, 1894-1981 [broken], n.d.

Box 9

Negatives, n.d.
Artz family photographs, 1876, n.d. (3f)
Frederick B. Artz, photographs of, 1894, 1897, c. 1900-60
Home of Frederick B. Artz, 157 N. Professor, 1960, 1963, 1971, n.d.
Miscellaneous photographs, n.d.
See also Box 10

Box 10

Frederick B. Artz, family, miscellaneous, 1895-1981, n.d. (9f) [2003/027]

Series IX. Artifacts, 1920, 1924, 1973, n.d.

Box 11

Medals, 1920, 1924 (2 items) [2002/139]
Military patch (rank unknown), n.d.
Silhouette portraits (3 items) of J. Elam Artz (2) and F.B. Artz (1), n.d. Sketch of Artz, by P. Segal, France, 1973

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