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RG 30/160 - Grace E. McConnaughey (1882-1978)
Scope and Content

The papers of Grace E. McConnaughey document her missionary work in Shansi Province, China from 1910 to 1928. Her letters written to her mother and "Home Folks" provide detail account of missionary life in China, as well as life in China during the early part of the twentieth century. The letters and photographs illustrate the customs, daily activities, hardships, and accomplishments of the Chinese people. Grace McConnaughey's writings include two published articles "Big Sister Jen: The Loving Hearted" (1921), and "The Removal of an Ancient Landmark" (incomplete, n.d.). Her unpublished works include the story of a Chinese slave girl named Sunshine. Also included is an autobiographical sketch of McConnaughey. Series 1 contains the manuscript titled "Amazing Grace" (electrostatic copy of a double-spaced typescript; 567 pp.) prepared from the letters by Grace E. McConnaughey Murray, a niece of the missionary. Despite omissions and alterations Mrs. Murray followed the originals closely; providing a compilation of the accounts and details explained in the letters, and an alternative to using the original letters which are brittle.

Series Descriptions

Series 1. "Amazing Grace", 1981 (4f)

Electrostatic copy of the manuscript "Amazing Grace", an account of a missionary in China, from the letters of Grace E. McConnaughey (1912-1928), by Grace M. Murray, a niece of Grace E. McConnaughey.

Series 2. Correspondence, 1911-28, 1952, n.d. (4f)

Predominately letters from Grace to her family during her years in China, 1912-28. They include two hand-drawn maps, and a letter (1911) written by Rev. G. S. Mills (Benzonia, Michigan), in which he praised the missionary work of Grace McConnaughey. Also included is a letter from Hugh Hubbard (on board the S.S. Hupeh) to his "Family and Folks", describing his activities and the situation in China, 1 April 1952.

Series 3. Writings, 1917, 1921, 1923?, 1928?, 1945, n.d. (2f)

Writings of Grace E. McConnaughey, published and unpublished, concerning her life and missionary work in China. Included in her published writings are "Big Sister Jen: The Loving Hearted" (1921), a story about a bible woman in China; and, "The Removal of an Ancient Landmark" (Mission Studies, February, ?). This article is missing pages.

Series 4. Photographs, [c. 1910-1928?], 1934 (1f)

Includes photographs of various school buildings and countryside in Fenchow, China and many of the people whom Grace McConnaughey helped or befriended. Also included are photographs of a trip to Mien Shan, China, in the Fall of 1934.


The copy of "Amazing Grace" was sent by Grace M. Murray to Isabell Hemingway (Pleasant Hill, Tennessee) who brought it to Oberlin during commencement, 1983, and gave it to Professor Ellsworth Carlson. He gave it to the Archives in August of 1983. The original letters, writings and photographs were received from Mrs. Murray in August 1983. The collection was assigned accession number 1983/27.

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