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RG 30/145 - A. Clair Siddall (1897-1980)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Series 1. Biographical File

Box 1

Man-of-the-Year Award, City of Oberlin, 1964
Honorary D. Sci. Award, Otterbein College, 1969
Retirement Announcement, 1972
Distinguished Community Service Award, Oberlin College, 1973
Obituaries and Memorial Service, 1980
Siddall Family Histories, 1987-1988 (2f)

[Acc. 2002/56]
Autobiographical Account, "Obstetric Journey- an overview" (photocopy), 1973
Printed Description of the Canton Hospital (photocopy), 1930
Plaques and Certificates, 1922-67, n.d. (Housed in Oversize Box 3 (RNG 47). See attached listing.)

Series 2. Writings

Box 1 (cont.)

Published articles about history of medicine in Oberlin

“History of Homeopathic Medicine at Oberlin, Ohio 1833-1933,” 1978
“Consumer Rebellion Against Orthodox Medicine at Oberlin—1833,” 1976
“George Chauncey Jameson, M.D. 1865-1948—From Bloodletting to Antibiotics,” 1980

Published articles: general medicine, ob - gyn

“A New Frontier in Private Practice,” n.d. (printed brochure)
“The Hormone Test for Pregnancy,” 1928
“A Suggested Test for Pregnancy,” 1928
“Dermoid Cyst in Young Girl—Case Report,” 1930
“Cerebral Abscess Following Tonsillectomy,” 1930
“A Feeding Experiment with Soybean Milk,” 1931
“Cyst of Urachus with Calculus Formation,” 1932
“Utero-Tubal Pregnancy,” 1932
“A New Type of Stone Mill,” 1932
“The Basal Metabolism of Southern Chinese Women,” 1932
“Primary Vesical Calculus,” 1932
“Vitamin B Deficiency as an Etiologic Factor in Pregnancy Toxemias,” 1940
“Thiamin Status During Pregnancy,” 1945
“Cancer Detection in Rural Practice,” 1951
“The Presumably Well Woman,” 1952
“Preventive Medicine in the Private Practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology,” 1954
“A New Frontier in the Private Practice of Gynecology,” 1956
“Preventive Medicine in Gynecological Practice,” 1958
“Office Cancer Detection,” 1962
“The Gynecologist’s Role in Comprehensive Medical Care,” 1969
“Bloodletting in American Obstetric Practice, 1800-1945,” 1980 (2 items)

Series 3. Research Files

Box 1 (cont.)

“Isaac Jennings—Advocate of Medical Reform—1840”
“History of Medicine at Oberlin, Ohio—First Fourteen Years,” 1975
Notes: “Birth Control at Oberlin—Sexual Mores in Oberlin 1833-1975”

Box 2

Notes: Sarah Furnas Wells, M.D.—“Oberlin’s International Feminist—19th Century,” 1979
Notes: Acupuncture and Placebos
Notes: Oberlin Physicians, 1833 - 1962
Notes: History of Oberlin Hospital Services, Oberlin Clinic Formation, 1945 - 1974
Notes: “Oberlin Physicians and Other Matters”

Series 4. Photographs

Box 2 (cont.)

Oberlin physicians, 19 items
Oberlin hospitals, medical facilities, physicians’ residences, 5 items

[Acc. 2002/56] - Housed in Oversize Box 3 (RNG 47)
Members of Pi Beta Kappa, 1918
Unidentified group photograph, c. 1918
Siddall and Jack Warner, c. 1960s

Plaques, Certificates and Photographs [received in acc. 2002/56]

Oversize Box 3 (RNG 47)

  1. Photograph of members of Pi Beta Sigma, 1918. (16" x 20")
  2. Group photograph (class photograph?), n.d. [c.1918] (20.25" x 7.75") This item may be kept in frame.
  3. Diploma from Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 1922. (23.5" x 19") This item will be kept in frame.
  4. Certificate, American board of Obstetrics and Gynecology certification, 22 May 1948. (15.125" x 12.25")
  5. Certificate, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, 21 October 1949. (13.5" x 10.5") Frame includes raised scroll reading FACS.
  6. Certificates (2), Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 10 March 1952. (11.75" x 9.25")
  7. Plaque, Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 1952. (8.5" x 12" x 1")
  8. Plaque, Member of the Central Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, November 1953. (15" x 12") This item will be photocopied and the original discarded.
  9. Photograph (b/w), Jack Hanna (worked for O.C. medical services in 1960s) and A. C. Siddall, c. 1960s. (7.5" x 9.5")
  10. Certificate, Oberlin Health Commission Senior Citizen Award for Community Service, 16 February 1967. (17" x 13")
  11. Certificate, Western Reserve University Medial Alumni Association, 1967 Alumni Award, 24 May 1967. (10.75" x 13.75")
  12. Certificate of Distinction for Fifty Years of Medicine, Ohio State Medical Association, n.d. (9.25" x 11.75")

Measurements (w x h) are of items with their frames. Except as noted, frames will be removed.

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