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RG 30/133 - Edward Strieby Steele (1850-1942)
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Box 1

Biographical File, 1942, 1954 (contains chapter titles for manuscript)

Manuscript "The Open Secret," c. 1930 (13f)

The Simple and Complex Ideas of Locke.
The Berkeleyan Idealism.
Berkeley's Insurrection. Thing and Attribute.
David Hule. John Stewart Mil.
The Radical Empiricism of William James and Its Sequents.
Reid's Refutation of the Doctrine of Lediating Ideas.
Aristotle I. Logical Works.
Aristotle II. Ousia, Logical or Material?
Aristotle III. The Pragmatic Accidents.
Aristotle IV. Metaphysics.
The Beginning of Thought.
Relation and Its Grammatical Expression.
The Nature of Intellectual Error.
Views of the Copula, Substantive and Adjective Verbs.
Space and Time.
Memory and Reflection.
Implication, or Syllogistic Inference.
Logical Groundwork I. The Nature of the Judgment or Predication.
Logical Groundwork II. Analytic and Synthetic Judgements.
Synthetic Judgements A'Priori as the Basis of Relations.
The Cogency as Modality of Judgements I. The Certain, the Possible, and the Probable.
The Cogency as Modality of Judgements II. The A'Priori or Necessary.
Specific Judgements of Relation.
The Extension of Judgements. Classification.
Summary of Judgement Forms.
Substance and Reality.
Immanuel Kant.
Quantity and the Numeric Schematism.
The Self and Self Perception o Consciousness.
Abstraction and Abstract ideas.
Faculties or Powers of the Human Mind.
Reid and Hamilton.
Naturalistic and Theoretic Thinking.
Telec Evolution, a Study of Life, Both Static and Evolutionary.
Esthetics, A Doctrine of the Beautiful.
Sensation as Embodiment.

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