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RG 2/7 - Ernest Hatch Wilkins (1880-1966)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Boxes 1-85

Boxes 86-91 Special Matters - Oberlin

Box 86
    Letters - Latin Requirements
    Letters from College Presidents
    Letters Received - re Latin Requirements
    Entrance Suggestions
    Seaman's Report, 1933-34
    Form Letters
    Miscellaneous - (2f)
    Correspondence re: Entrance Changes
    Correspondence re: Entrance Requirements
    Mimeographed Material for Committee
    Admissions Office - General
    Form Letters
    High School Day
    N.E.O.T.A. Luncheon
    Freshman Week
    Admissions Process
    Special Recruiting
    Alumni Admissions Project
    Director: Trip Arrangements
Allen Hospital: Board of Managers, 1931-32
    College & Community 1931-32
    Roster, 1931-32
    Report, 1932
    Faculty Patients, 1932
Box 87
American Legion, Spring, 1934
Conservatory Time Study., 1930 (2f)
Curriculum Review, c.1929-30
    Other Colleges Response
    Oberlin Notes
    Committee - Miscellaneous
    Social Sciences
    Junior College Proposals
    Plans & Proposals (2f)
    Reports, 1929-30
    Orientation Courses
    Minutes, 1928
    Correspondence, 1929-30
    Curriculum: Summaries of Books:
      Individual Statements of Purpose
    Aims of Oberlin College, 1928
Box 88
Curriculum Study
    Miscellaneous Notes, 1928-29
    Religion, Philosophy Requirements - Others
    Science Requirements - Others
Cuts, 1933-35
Endowments: Other Colleges
Faculty Salaries (O.C. 1928-30, other colleges)
F. E. R. A. (Federal Emergency Relief Assoc.), 1934-35
    Correspondence, 1934
    Form Letters
    Employment Records
    Forms: General Information
Football, 1937
Governance, O.C.
Graduate School of Theology (G. S. T.)
    Finances: Endowment
    Finance - other Seminaries
Honor System Study, 1930
    U. of Michigan Report, 1926
    Other Opinions: Chicago, Princeton, Syracuse, Minnesota
Box 89
Honor System (one folder is a history of the honor system 1909-29)
National Service Act Proposal
National Student Federation of the U.S.A.:
    Yearbooks, 1926, 1928, 1929
    Washington & Lee
    Bibliographies & Abstracts
    Association of American Colleges
    Committee Organization & Reports
    History in Oberlin
    Opinion in Oberlin College
    Questionnaires returned by Men
Literary Societies
    Men's Literary Societies - Survey
National Student League (N.S.L.)
    Material: 1933-34, 1934-35 (2f)
National Youth Administration (N.Y.A.), 1935-36
90. National Youth Administration
    1935-36; 1936-37; 1937-38; 1938-39 (4f)
    Memoranda re: 1936-37
    Report on Student Earnings, 1936-37
    N.Y.A. Manual
Education & National Defense, 1940-41
Peace Service, 1937-38
Oberlin Kindergarten - Primary Training School
    Transfer: Financial Reports, 1932 (3f)
91. Peace Society
    Of Historical Interest
    Oberlin Peace Society, 1930-39
    Peace Bulletins, 1936-39
    World Court Conference - planned for 1931 but not held
Public Affairs Society, 1933-40
Public Service., 1931-37
Personnel Service: Record Forms
    Job analysis, Outline, Correspondence
Ranking system, 1933-35

Boxes 91-94: Special Matters - Elsewhere

91.  Index
Football Study, 1937-38
    Report, published 1938
    Lists and Form Letters
Foundation for the Advancement of the Social Sciences
    Correspondence, 1940-45
92. Association of American Colleges: Commission on Enlistment & Training of College Teachers
    Report, reprints (2f)
    Correspondence with Commission, 1928, 1929, 1930
    Correspondence, general: 1928, 1931
    Training of Graduate Students
    Training of Young Instructors
    Reports, 1931
    Comprehensive Examinations Survey
Correspondence, E.S. Jones (2f)
    Correspondence, General Education Board
    Correspondence, Robert L. Kelly
Association of American Colleges: Music Investigation
    Correspondence, 1931, 1932, 1933, (3f)
93. Association of American Colleges: Music Investigation (cont.)
    Correspondence, 1934, 1935, 1936
    Minutes, Reports
    Miscellaneous Publications
    Music Study #2 - 1936; Correspondence
Association of American Colleges: Nominations - General
    President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Executive Committee, Commissioners, etc. (5f)
Institute of Social & Religious Research
    Correspondence, 1930-35
94. Institute of Social & Religious Research, (cont.)
    Correspondence, 1928-29
National Student Organizations
    National Student League
    Uphaus Report, 1934
    Correspondence (2f)
    Student League for Individual Democracy
Other Organizations
    Intercollegiate Council, New America, American League against War & Fascism

Boxes 94-95: Miscellaneous

94. Executive Committee Minutes, Aug. 31, 1945 - Aug. 23, 1946
Trustee Meeting Minutes, Dec. 7, 1945; May 31, 1945; June 24, 1946
95. Mead Bill & Amendment, 1946
Ohio Colleges, 1947
Salaries - Reports and Actions
    Correspondence, Summaries, Misc. (3f)
Teaching Load
Temporary Housing, 1946
Trustee-Faculty Conference Committee, 1945-46
Appointments of Deans (re Mrs. Van Metre., 1937; Dean of Women Misc.,
    Regulations from Minutes, 1901-1936
    Definitions, 1936
    Dean of Women, College Deans, Correspondence (5f)
Davis, Jerome, 1936-37
Dewey, Richard S., 1936-37
Peace etc. speeches, brochures

Boxes 95-96: Peace Institutes

95. Correspondence (A - R)
96. Correspondence, 1936 (S-Z)
Correspondence, 1937 (A-E); (F-N); (O-Z) (3f)
Correspondence, (A-G); (H-R) (2f)
Miscellaneous Printed Matter

Boxes 97-105: Commission on the Coordination of the Efforts for Peace

97. Commission Report (printed), 1933
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1928-40 (3f)

The files below contain correspondence, reports and outlines of activities of organizations appear in the order that the organizations are listed in the Commission's 1933 Report, in the order of classification:

    A = Organizations for Peace
    B = Organization s with special sections for Peace
    C = Organizations supporting the promotion of Peace
    D = Other Organizations closely related to the promotion of Peace

    I = International Organizations
    II = National Organizations
    III = Local Organizations

A I: International Organizations for Peace
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1928-32 (2f)
Federation Interaliee Des Anciens Combattants, 1929-32
Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1928-29
Green International Bulletin, 1933-34
Interparliamentary Union, 1922-259 (2f)
War Resisters International, 1928-29 (2f)
Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, 1929-32
Women's Peace Society, 1929-32
World Alliance for International Friendship Through the Churches, 1928-32 (2f)
World League of International Education Associations, 1932
World League for Permanent Peace, 1932
World Peace Postage Association, 1933
AII: National Organizations for Peace
American Committee on the Outlawry of War, 1932
American Friends Service Committee, 1929-33
American Peace Society, 1929-34
American School Citizenship League1928-31
Association of Cosmopolitan Clubs of the Universities & Colleges (Corda Fratres), 1929-31
Catholic Association for International Peace, 1928-32
Church Peace Union, 1929-33, reports 1928-36, bylaws (2f)
Committee on Militarism in Education, 1928-34 (2f)
Committee on World Friendship Among Children, 1928
Fraternity on Universal Brotherhood, 1930-32
Intercollegiate Council, 1932-33
Intercollegiate Peace Association, reports 1925-26, corres. 1928-31
League of Nations Association, 1928-29 (3f)
National Committee on the Cause & Cure of War, 1928-33
National Committee on the Churches & World Peace, 1929 (2f)
National Council for the Prevention of War, 1929-37
National Peace Conference, 1935
Pacifist Action Committee, 1932
Peace Heroes Memorial Society, 1932
Peace Patriots, 1929-31
Society of Saint Francis, 1933
War Resisters League, 1929-33
Women's Peace Union, 1928-31
World Peace Association, 1929-33
World Peace Foundation, 1928-34
World Peaceways, Inc. 1932
World Recovery, 1932
AIII: Local Organizations for Peace
California State Federation of High School World Friendship Clubs, 1932
Council on International Relations for Southern California, 1928-32
International House (U. of California), 1932
World Friendship Club of Santa Barbara
Colorado Committee on the Cause & Cure of War, 1932
Washington Council on International Relations, 1928-31
William Edgar Borah Outlawry of War Foundation (Univ. of Idaho), 1932
Indiana Council on International Relations, 1928-31
Pan Politikon (Univ. of Kentucky), 1927-31
Michigan Council for World Peace, 1929-31
Webster Groves Peace Council, 1928-32
Flushing Peace Society, 1932
International House (NYC), 1928-32
New York Peace Society, 1928-32
Cincinnati Peace League, 1928-36
Oberlin Peace Society, 1930 (2 copies)
Oregon Congress for Reduction of Armaments, 1932
Oregon Congress for Prevention of War, 1932
Portland Women's Peace Council, 1928-31
Pennsylvania Committee for Total Disarmament, Erie Country Peace Council, 1932
Pennsylvania Peace Society, 1928-31
Philadelphia Peace Council, 1926-31
Nashville Peace Society, 1932
Utah Council for the Prevention of War, 1928-31
Seattle Peace Society, 1928-31
Tacoma Council for World Friendship, 1928-31
Walla Walla Council for Prevention of War, 1932
BI: International Organizations with special sections for Peace
Theosophical Society: Parliament of Peace & Universal Brotherhood, 1913-32
World Federation of Education Associations; World Committee on Education for International Understanding & Peace, 1928-37
BII: National Organizations with special sections for Peace
American Association of University Women, 1929-33 (2f)
American Foundation: American Peace Award, 1928-32 (2f)
American Legion: Committee on World Peace & International Relations, 1928-32
Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1932
Council of Women for Home Missions, 1931-32
Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America: Commission on International Justice & Goodwill, 1928-29
Federation of Women's Boards of Foreign Missions of North America: Joint Committee on International Relations, 1931
General Federation of Women's Clubs: Dept of International Relations, 1929-32 (2f)
Girls Friendly Society in America, 1928-32
International Society of Christian Endeavor, 1931
National Board of the Young Women's Christian Associations of the USA: National Committee on Public Affairs, 1930-32
National Council of Federated Church Women: Joint Committee on International Relations, 1932
National Council of Jewish Women: Dept. of Peace, 1929-31
National Council of Women of the United States: Committee on Permanent Peace, 1928-31
National Federation of Business & Professional Women's Clubs: Committee on International Relations, 1932
National League of Women Voters: Dept. of International Cooperation to Prevent War, 1928-32
National Woman's Christian Temperance Union: Dept. of International Relations, 1932
National Women's Conference of the American Ethical Union, 1932
National Women's Trade Union League of America: International. Relations Committee, 1926-32
Church Groups
Rabbinical Assembly of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1932
Woman's Missionary Union of Friends of America
Five Years Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends: Peace Assoc. of Friends in America, 1928-32
General Conference of the Religious Society of Friends: Section on Peace, 1929-32
Mennonite Church: Peace Problems Committee, 1929-32 (2f)
    Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends: Peace & Service Committee, 1928-32 (2f)
    Religious Society of Friends of Philadelphia & Vicinity: Peace Committee, 1928-32 (2f)
CI: International Organizations supporting the promotion of Peace
Bahai Movement: National Spiritual Assembly
International Chamber of Commerce: American Section, 1932
New History Society, 1934-40 (2f)
Rotary International & Pax Romana, 1932
CII: National Organizations supporting the promotion of Peace
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1928-33
National Student Federation of the USA, 1926-32
People's Lobby, 1933
DI: Other International Organizations closely related to Promotion of Peace
For Student Fellowship Round-the-World, 1932
Foreign Policy Association, 1928-34 (2f)
Institute of International Education, 1929-33 (2f)
Institute of Pacific Relations, 1928-34 (2f)
Inter-American Institute of Intellectual Cooperation; International
Migration Service; International Missionary Council, 1932
League for the Organization of Progress, 1929-32 (2f)
Pan Pacific Union, 1928-32
Rockefeller Foundation
Salvation Army: American Division
World's Student Christian Federation
American Asiatic Association, 1930-32
DII: Other National Organizations closely related to the Promotion of Peace
American Council of Learned Societies - Commonwealth Fund
American Political Science Association, 1929
Council on Foreign Relations, 1929
English-Speaking Union - Institute of International Finance, 1932
International Auxiliary Language Assoc. in the USA, reports 1932, correspondence 1932
International Lyceum Assoc. - National Council on Foreign Service Training, 1932
National Council of Jewish Juniors, 1929
National Council of the Y.M.C.A's of the USA, 1931-32
National Economic League, 1932
National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods - Sportsmanship Brotherhood Pan American Society, 1932
World Unity Foundation, 1928-31
World War Reconstruction Aides Assoc. - Univ. of Calif., Bureau of International Relations, 1932
DIII: Other Local Organizations closely related to the Promotion of Peace
Los Angeles University of International Relations UCLA, 1932-35
University of Denver Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, 1932
University of Florida, Institute of Inter-American Affairs, 1930-33
University of Georgia - Yankton College
Fullerton Community Council
Inter America Foundation (Claremont)
Connecticut Council on International Relations
Academy of World Economics - Brookings Institution
Chicago Council on Foreign Relations
New Orient Society of Chicago - Internat'l Students' Home (Phila.)
Organizations Dropped from Lists: Folders labeled A - W with alphabetical arrangement by organizations within each folder
Mimeo Material, 1928-34
Correspondence with members of commission regarding membership
Correspondence with members of Commission: Current
Correspondence with Commission, 1930-32
Correspondence with Commission, 1933
Correspondence with Commission, 1933-34
Correspondence with those declining membership
Peace Correspondence, Misc., 1928-29
Peace Correspondence, Misc., 1930-32
Peace Correspondence, Misc., 1933
Peace Correspondence, Misc. 1933-34
Misc. Notes: American Peace Society World Conference on Peace: For new edition
New Organizations
Report of the Commission - Printed [Also in Box 97]

Box 106: Appointment Books, 1927-45

    (Includes account book)

Box 106A. Appointment Books, 1943-46

Boxes 107-108A: Talks & Writings

Bibliography of E. H. Wilkins by Mary Venn, 1946 [2001/94]
Addresses on the subject of War (WWII), n.d.
Addresses on Misc. Subjects, 1927-43
Unpublished Talks, 1927-46 (2f)
Assembly Talks, Nov. 1935 Sept. 1941
Poetry, 1929-46
"The Significant Life," by Raymond Calkins, 1937 (Baccalaureate)
The College and Society, 1931
Post-War Problems, Committee on, 1945
The Science Press Publications, 1935-41
Scholarly writings published in Speculum, 1932-63
Scholarly writings in PMLA and Modern Philology, 1929-59
Scholarly writings in Italica and The Romantic Review, 1941-63
Misc. Scholarly writings, 1942-57
Misc. Publications, 1925-28
Misc. Writings and Clippings, n.d.
Unpublished/Jointly written material, 1929-45
Correspondence, 1938-60
Education and National Defense , 1940
Trends in College Education, n.d.
Non-scholarly publications on war, 1929-45
Non-scholarly misc. publications, 1926-47
The College Study, 1935-36 (2f)

Boxes 109-111: "Old Building Files"

Heating Plant., 1940-41
Chinese Building, 1931
Chinese Temple, 1941-43
Biology, 1926 & 1940-42
Auditorium (folders 1-7)
    See index of folders 1-25, 1928-43, in folder 1; file covers designs of Cass Gilbert and Eliel Saarinen
Auditorium (folders 8-16)
Auditorium (folders 17-25)

Boxes 112-115: "Building Files"

Other Science Buildings
Humanities & Social Sciences
Addition to Hospital
Addition to Hales Gymnasium
Additions to Conservatory
Maintenance Building
Food Storage Building
Men's Gymnasium, Field House & Swimming Pool
Gate House
Student Union
Faculty Housing
Heating Plant
Other Residence Halls for Men
Burton Hall
Preliminary Survey of the Cost of the Proposed Men's Residence Group
Shreve Dormitories
Residence Hall for Women
Other-Residence Halls for Women
Biology Building
Auditorium (folders 1-3)
    Index of folders 1-29 in folder 1, 1943-46; file covers design of Shreve, Lamb and Harmon
Auditorium (folders 4-29)
Building, General
Outdoor Theater
Chinese Temple

116. Correspondence

1934 Letter of College Presidents to the President of the USA
Education & the National Defense, 1940-41
Selective Service, 1940-41

Boxes 117-26: Printed matter received from various peace organizations

American Association for the United Nations (Formerly League of Nations Assoc.), 1945-46
American Committee for International Studies, Princeton, 1941
American Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese Aggression, 1938-41
Americans United, 1944-46
Carnegie Endowment, 1935-44
Churches & a Just & Durable Peace, 1942
Citizens Emergency Committee, 1941-42
Colleges - War Adjustments
Colleges In Wartime
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1939 - April 11, 1940
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, April 19, 1940-1943
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1944-45
Committee on Militarism in Education, 1939-40
Council on Foreign Relations, 1942-44
European Plans for World Order, 1940
Federalist Papers - Norman, Okla., 1941-42
Foreign Policy Reports,1942-44
Friends of Europe Publications, 1939-40
Miscellaneous Printed Peace Material, 1931-44
National Council for Prevention of War, 1923-36
National Peace Conference (Misc. Publications), 1935-39
National Opinion Research Center, 1942-45 & n.d.
National Peace Conference (R OTC Printed Material), 1935-36
National Planning Association, 1939-41
National Policy Reports, 1940-44
New Commonwealth Institute, London, 1937-44
Union Now:
    Misc. Articles, Reviews & Publications, 1939-45
    Newspaper Clippings
    Miscellaneous (Includes some corres.), 1939-40
Union Now, 1942-46
    "Union Now Bulletin", 1939-40
    "Student Federalist,"1943-44
    "Federal Union World", 1940-45
Universities Committee on Post-War International Problems., 1943-45
Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library, 1943-44
World Citizens & World Citizenship Movement, 1938-46
World Citizenship Association, Chicago, 1939-41
World Community Movement, 1940-45
World Federation, 1942-43
World Fellowship, Inc., 1941-44
World Government, Campaign for ("World Federation Now"), 1940-43
Yale Institute of International Studies, 1944

Boxes 125-126: Contain printed matter from various peace organizations in no order.

127. Carnegie Corp. Library Group, 1929-31

128. Hall Auditorium and Misc.

Charles M. Hall estate papers, 1914-30 [1977/17]
Auditorium Annals, 1942-46
Auditorium: Davis and/or Johnson, 1943-44
Florence Snell Scholarship, 1937-38 [Acc. 1978/18]

129. Other

Confidential Annual Reports, 1928-47
Publications: Beginning of study for printing all, 1931
Oberlin-in-China greetings, 1938. Folded book (7" x 11"); MS on silk with wooden covers [1981/23]
Oberlin College Seal -