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RG 2/6 - Henry Churchill King (1858-1934)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Boxes 1-81

Correspondence, 1897-1928 (alphabetically arranged; see H.C. King Letter Index)

Boxes 82-83

Invitations Declined (alphabetically arranged, C-Z). A large proportion of these are invitations to speak.

(Boxes 83-108: Papers arranged by topic, 1903-1934)

Box 83

American Council on Education, 1918-1920; 1925-27
American Council on Organic Union of the Churches of Christ, 1920-21.
American Institute of International Education, 1924-26.
American Institute of Social Service, 1915-1918.

Box 84

American Missionary Association, 1916-19.
American Social Hygiene Association, 1924-26.
Annual Report - misc., c. 1916-17.
Association of American Colleges, 1924-26.
Association of Colleges of Congregational Affiliation, 1923-24.
Board of Missionary Preparation, 1914-23.
Bohn - Financial, 1913-24

Box 85

Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1924-27
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1905-22

Box 86

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1905-27

Box 87

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1912-24
Church Peace Union, 1921-27
Citizens Committee of One Thousand for Law Enforcement, 1925-27
College Presidents-Congregational Interchurch World Movement, 1920

Box 88

College Survey, 1920-21
Commission on Comity, Federation & Unity, 1921-23

[Nat'l. Council of Congregational Churches]

Commission on the Church & Social Service, 1917-1921

[Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America: Committee on Direction]

Commission on Missions of the National Council of Congregational Churches, 1916-19

Box 89

Commission on Missions of the National Council of Congregational Churches, 1916-27

Box 90

Commission on Missions of the National Council of Congregational Churches, 1923-25
Committee on Cooperation in Latin America:. Latin American Conference, 1915-19

Box 91

Committee on Cooperation in Latin America, 1920-27
Committee on Work among Congregational Students - Ohio State University, 1920-23
Community Church in Oberlin, 1916-20

Box 92

Congregational Foundation for Education, 1921-27

Box 93

Congregational Foundation for Education, 1921-27
Departmental Needs, 1914-27
Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America: Administrative
Committee--Executive Council, etc., 1920-24
American Mayflower Council, 1919-20
Commission on Christian Education, 1916-17
Commission on International Justice and Goodwill, 1920-26
Committee on Relations with Eastern Churches, 1924-27

Box 94

Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America: Committee on
Relations with Japan, 1916-17
Committee on the War and the Religious Outlook, 1917-20

Box 95

Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America:

Dept. of Research and Education, 1925-26
General, 1918-28
General War-Time Commission of the Churches, 1917-19
Study Council on the Churches & World Peace, 1925

Fellowship for a Christian Social Order, 1921-27
Financial Campaign, 1922-24

Box 96

Financial Campaign, 1922-24
Fraternities, 1915-17
Fund for the Relief of Men of Letters & Scientists in Russia, 1919

Box 97

[Re] Geiser, Professor Karl F.
General Education Board, 1920-24
[Re] Gilbert, Cass, c. 1926
Greetings - Commencement., 1927
Hall Estate Matters - correspondence, 1914-26
Honorary Degree Suggestions, 1911-22

Box 98

Honorary Degree Suggestions, 1923-27
Interchurch World Movement, 1919-20
International Council of Congregational Churches, 1920-21
International Serbian Educational Committee, 1920-21
King, H.C. - Death Notices, 1934
League of Nations Non-Partisan Association, 1924-27

Box 99

League to Enforce Peace, 1916-19
Library Endowment, 1906
Moro Education Foundation, 1924-27
National Collegiate Athletic Association, 1924-27

Box 100

National Committee for Constructive Immigration Legislation, 1918-24
National Committee on American Japanese Relations, 1921-27
National Committee on the Churches & the Moral Aims of the War, 1918-19
National Conference on the Christian Way of Life, 1922-26
National Council of Congregational Churches-Commission on Education, 1919
National Council of Congregational Churches - general, 1919-25

Box 101

National Council of Congregational Churches - printed matter, 1919
National Council of Schools of Religion, 1922-24
National Council on Religion in Higher Education, 1924-26
National Education Association, 1924-27
National Institution for Moral Instruction (Milton Fairchild), 1910-26
National Research Council, 1925-27
National Temperance Council, 1925-27
Near East Relief, 1920-21

Box 102

Near East Relief, 1922-26
Near East Relief-College & School Committee, 1922-25
Near East Relief & Colleges, 1924-28
Near East Relief - Golden Rule Committee, 1924-27
Near East Relief - Board of Trustees or Executive Committee, 1920

Box 103

Near East Relief - Board of Trustees..., 1921-Sept. 1922

Box 104

Near East Relief - Board of Trustees..., Oct. 1922-Jan. 1924

Box 105

Ohio College Association, 1924-27
Ohio Council of Churches, 1924-26
Ohio Federation of Churches, 1922
Pilgrim Memorial Fund, 1919-24
Religious Education Association, 1906-27

Box 106

Replies to Invitations to Inauguration, 1903
Society for the Promotion of Training for Public Service, 1915-17
Student Army Training Corps, 1918-19
Study of Higher Education: Florida, Georgia, Montana & South Dakota, c. 1920
Sunday School & YMCA War Work Council, 1917-18
Tobacco Legislation, 1918-23

Box 107

Trustee Committee on Appointments, 1925-26
Trustee Letters, 1917-28

Include general topics plus moving gymnasium (1920), increasing number of meetings (1926), honorary degrees, 1925-27 and change of pensions (1927)

United Society of Christian Endeavor, 1924-27
Universal Christian Conference on Life & Work, 1922-26
World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches, 1924-27

Box 108

World Alliance of the Churches 1916-23
World Conference on Faith & Order 1924-26
Y.M.C.A. Advance Program - Student Associations, 1923
Y.M.C.A. International Committee - Value of War Work, 1919
Y.M.C.A. Letters, 1916-27

Boxes 109-123

Talks, writings, lectures, notes, classbooks and associated material, MSS and printed. No finding list has been prepared.

Box 124

Personal correspondence, 1909-27

Box 125

Tributes and memorials to H.C. King

Box 126

Notes re H.C. King from the Oberlin Review and bibliography cards of his writings.

Box 127

H.C. King's datebooks, 1919/20 - 1926/27

Boxes 128-129

King-Crane Commission (includes photographs)

Box 130

H.C. King's appointment books, 1891-92 & 1895-1930

Box 131

King's letters to Mrs. King (1895, 1898, 1907, 1909-10, 1918-19)
Examples of letters received by H.C. King expressing esteem, 1925-32
94th Anniversary exercises in honor of H.C. King, June 20, 1927
Corres. of J.F. Mack re H.C. King, 1931-32
Corres., 1881-1930
President King's notes

Box 132

H.C. King's travels (1893, 1907, 1918-19) including diary, notes & printed matter.
C.B. Siddall re Oberlin Review editorial, 1925
Information about H.C. King and bibliography of his writings
Photographs taken during Oriental trip, 1909-10

Boxes 133-135

Index (3x5 cards) to H.C. King's Literary File
Oversize: H.C. King's diplomas, marriage license and miscellaneous certificates
Plat of H.C. King's subdivision lots 86-7 (1898) [Filed with maps; mylared]

Box 136

Microcosmus: An Essay Concerning Man and His Relation to the World, Herman Lotze, 1890. Book used by HC King, heavily annotated.

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