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RG 2/2 - Charles Grandison Finney (1792-1875)
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Series I. Correspondence, Incoming (calendared and microfilmed), 1817-1875

Boxes 1-6

[See three-volume Calendar and Index]

Series II. Correspondence (uncalendared), 1828-75, n.d.

Box 7

Letters (outgoing); not indexed, 1828-73
Letters (outgoing); microfilmed; not indexed, 1834-73, n.d.
Charles and Elizabeth Finney to James and Alice Barlow, 1860-65, 1868-75 (4f) (microfilmed)

Finney to the Edwin Lamson family, 1860-70
Finney to E.P. Marvin, 1868-74 (originals encapsulated; two sets of photocopies)
Letters (fragments); microfilmed; not indexed, n.d.
Letters (incoming); not indexed, 1829-75

Series III. Miscellaneous Manuscripts (indexed; microfilmed), 1835-60, n.d.

Box 8 (These materials drawn from Box 7)

Phrenological chart by O.S. Fowler, ca. 1835
"An Abstract of Spiritual Torrents," n.d.
"Revival Memories," by C.G. Finney, n.d.
Explanation of Calendar Movement: advertising circular of Seth Thomas Clock Co., n.d.

"Free Trade and Man's Rights," n.d. The Oberlin Covenant (copy), n.d.
"Ebley Chapel," copy of a steel engraving, 1848
Excerpt from "A Vindication of the Rev. C.G. Finney," n.d.
Invitations to C.G. Finney "Calvinistic Assertions," quotations from eminent Calvinists, n.d.

"Theses," n.d. "Innocent Amusements," by C.G. Finney, n.d.
Announcement of Finney lecture by the London Christian Instruction Society, 25 May 1850

"Return of Professor Finney," leaflet, 21 Nov 1850
"The Great I Am of Oberlin Inquisition," 23 July 1858
Receipts, bills, and orders, 1832-1860 (not microfilmed) (See also Box 17)

Items listed in Index but missing from the files as of 9/91:

"Why Believe Universalism, by G.A. Vibbert of Cleveland, n.d.
Systematic Beneficence Society: plan and purpose of the society and request for cooperation, 1869

Miscellaneous Remarks on Self-Evident Truths, n.d.

Series IV. Diaries and Commonplace book, 1814-70, n.d.

Box 9

Address book (1859) and Names and Titles of Jesus Christ (pamphlet), n.d.

Commonplace book, n.d.
Diaries, 1814-19; 1829-41; 1857; 1860-70 (4 vols.)

[See Series Description for Note on the Diaries]

Series V. Lectures, 1868-75, n.d.

Box 10

Bound volumes; (microfilmed and indexed)

Christian Ordinances, 1873-74
Church government, n.d.
Pastoral Theology, 1868, 1875 (2 vols.)
Revivals of religion, 1874

Box 11

Unbound lecture notes (microfilmed and indexed), n.d. (2f)

Series VI. Sermon Outlines, 1853-75, n.d.

Box 12

Sermon outlines (microfilmed; not indexed), 1853-75, n.d.

Series VII. Business Papers of Finney, 1823-75, n.d.

Box 13

Account books, 1839-71; 1842-47 (2 vols.)
Business papers (loose), 1833-72 (3f)
Various documents, 1823-75

Document licensing Finney to preach, 1823
Plat of land at Lorain and Professor streets, n.d.
Finney Compact (photostat), 1835
Finney's dismissal from the New York City Assoc., 1837

Marriage Licenses (for marriages performed by Finney), 1839-75 (2f)

Box 14

Receipts, 1839-75 (See also Box 8)
William Cochran estate, 1847

Series VIII. Writings of Finney (Ms.), n.d.

Box 15

Memoirs of Charles Grandison Finney (Ms.), [1867-68], 1055 pp. (microfilmed)
(See also "Miscellaneous Manuscripts" in Box 8)

Series IX. Writings of Finney (printed), 1824-71

Box 16

Printed writings (pamphlets, tracts, clippings), 1824-71

Series X. Late Accretions, 1862

Box 17 Oversize

Certificate of membership in the American Missionary Association, 1862
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