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RG 15 - Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association
Inventory- subgroup VII /series 1-3
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Subgroup VII. Audio Visual

Series 1. Photographs

*denotes extra fragile; must be handled with special care

Box 1
China—People, ca. 1899-1940s
Portraits, miscellaneous, ca. 1899-1930s, n.d. (5f)
Chiang Kai-Shek, 1938
H. H. Kung, 1907-1948, n.d.
Mao with H. E. Van Meter (?), 1938
Visit of Minister Charles R. Crane with H. H. Kung at Ming Hsien, ca. 1920
Chin Liang Chiao (AB 1925), 1920s-30s
Liu Lan Hua and Hua Ching (daughter), n.d.
Group photographs, early 20th century, 1930s, n.d. (2f)
Shansi representatives and foreigners, ca. 1920s-1940s, n.d. (5f)
Oberlin Shansi Memorial Academy people, n.d.
Student groups (Shansi?), early 20th century
Taiku--Group student photographs, 1930s-1940s, n.d.
Box 2
China—ca. 1899-1940s
Taiku--Class pictures, 1920s
Ming Hsien graduating class, 1925
Class pictures & door decoration, 1936, 1938, 1942
Ming Hsien and Shu-Hsien faculty and students, 1940, 1946
Ming Hsien’s 31st Anniversary, 1938
Oberlin Shansi Memorial Academy—Campus Views, n.d.
Zeng Family Compounds [Place where parts of Ming Hsien school once existed], plans from WWII, photos from ca. 1997
Taiku, ca. 1899-1900
*Early Taiku, late 19th-early 20th centuries
Taiku Campus & City to 1951
Taiku & Fenchou—Structures, wells, etc., 1931, n.d.
Taiku—Agriculture, 1936, n.d.
Taiku—Girls’ School, early 20th century
Pei Lu Girls’ School, 1926
Small photograph albums (2), ca. 1906, ca. 1910
List of photographs sent October 16, 1922
Box 3
China – Taiku – People to 1951
China—Photographs organized by donor
Miller, Clayton—Shansi, 1930-32
Miller, John Clayton – Ming Hsien School, 1930-1933; 1981
“G.M.W.”—Ming Hsien, early 20th century
Irwin – China , 1932-1934; 1939
Forbes, Theodore—Oberlin Shansi Memorial Academy, n.d.
“R.E.K.”, ca. 1937
Carlson, Florence—Miscellaneous representatives and individuals, 1914, 1929-39, 1946, n.d.
Shansi Reps/School, n.d. ca. 1921-1944
China— Locations other than Taiku
China, Group Portrait, 1935-1951
China – Fenchow
Kuan Chia Pu, 1940, n.d.
Sichuan—Chin-tang campus and students, 1940-41
West China and Chin-tang, 1930s-50s
Unknown location—construction, pre-1935
Unknown locations—monuments, pre-1935
Unkown locations—miscellaneous, 1930s, 1940s, n.d.
Prints of Lantern Slides (Various), ca. 1920s-1930s?
Box 4
U.S.A.: Oberlin, Ohio--Shansi in Oberlin (see also Box 8)
Oberlin Band, 1915
American Board of Missionaries—Fellows, trustees, Alice Williams’ 90th birthday, n.d.
Chinese students & visitors, Memorial Arch, Savarirayan’s visit, Misc. (date range?)
Shansi Office, committee, conferences, faculty fellow, returned representatives, Asian fellows (date range?)
Shansi Day celebrations, 1937-1950
Shansi 50th Anniversary, January 1968
Shansi China festivals, 1940, 1945
Shansi Chinese Festival, 1945-46
Transfers from SG II. Administrative Records, Series 4. Box 4
Chinese Bell, 1928-29
Chinese Temple; Groundbreaking in Oberlin, 1930-31
Architect’s Proposal for Shansi Building, 1930
Box 4A
Prints for Shansi anniversary exhibition at Oberlin College’s Allen Memorial Art Museum, ca. 1931
Shansi exhibit captions, ca. 1938
Box 5 (tall)
Boxer martyrs, photographs & scrapbook pages, ca. 1899-1930s
Taiku—Martyr’s graves, ca. 1910-35
Taiku—Campus & students, ca. 1910-35
Portraits, miscellaneous, 1925, 1932-33, n.d.
Shanxi, Peking, Qufu, & unknown locations, 1910-35
Nanking--H. H. Kung’s home & office (hand-colored), ca. 1927-30
Shansi Breakfast in Oberlin, 1962
Miscellaneous, 1967-68
Box 6 (oversize flat)
Group portraits, n.d. (9)
Group portrait, 1915
“Taiku Farewell,” 1934
Portrait of Mark Wu, ca. 1936
“On a Junk in the Yanatee River,” ca. 1937
Freshman high school student, 1937
Paving crew, ca. 1982-1984
Landscape, n.d.
Aerial view of Great Wall, n.d.
Temple, n.d. (2)
Taiku wall, n.d.
Box 7 (oversize flat)
Portfolio of 23 photographs, ca. 1905-06
(Associated with the Kinnears who were China missionaries. These photos depict “Anti-Opium” activities and a training school.)
Box 8
U.S.A.: Oberlin, Ohio--Shansi in Oberlin (see also Box 4)
Shansi representatives & fellows, 1940s
Shansi representatives & fellows, 1950s
Shansi representatives & fellows, 1960s
Shansi representatives & faculty fellows, 20th century
Shansi representatives, 1981-84. Negatives (35mm), contact sheets, miscellaneous prints, and associated correspondence.
Box 8A
Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand
Hong Kong - Debbie Wei, 1978-81
Japan: Obirin University, 1953-56
Taiwan, 1954-78 (3f)
Thailand, 1972-84
Box 9
Oberlin: delegations, conferences, returned reps, misc., c. 1970's-1980's
Box 9A
India: Madurai, 1951-1971 (6f)
Box 10
Oberlin, 1986-88
China, Indonesia, Japan, c. 1980's, India, c. 1970's-80's
Box 10A
China, 1985-86, India 1982-87
Box 11
Oberlin Alumni Tour, 1980-1981, 1988, 1997
Miscellaneous, Representatives, China, 1914, 1929-39, 1946, c. 1980's-1990's, n.d. (2f) [2000/112]
Obirin University, 1988
Mrs. Yu (Lin Lau Huo) and Hua Ching (daughter), n.d.
Mark Meredith and Kyoko Tagami wedding, Japan, n.d.
Ming Hsien and Shu-Hsien schools, faculty, and students, 1940, 1946 [2001/005]
Case II, Drawer 8
Photographic portrait of H. H. Kung, Chiang Kai-Shek, and Sun Yat-Sen, n.d. 19 ½ x 27 ¾”.
Digital Work Station
Accessioned Digital Surrogates: 2008/039 Shansi: Lady Doak College Historical Photos, 1949-1999 (149 items: 144 JPEGs, 4 TIFFs, 1 document, downloaded from CD-ROM) (donated by John Hamlin?)

Series 2. Photograph Albums

Box 1

China, 1913-22 (7 volumes)

Box 2

China, 1926-1936/37 (5 volumes)

Box 3

China, 1936-37 (3 volumes)

Box 4

China, 1936/37-1955, n.d. (4 volumes)
Japan (1 volume)

Box 5 (Oversize)

China, 1939, n.d (2 volumes)
Accession 1997/034 (9 volumes) listing with accession sheet

Box 6 (Oversize)

China, 1937-46, 1968-70 (2v)
Subgroup VII. Audio Visual (cont.)
Series 2. Photograph Albums (cont.)

Box 7 (Oversize)

China, c.1960s and 1970s, Japan, 1975-76 (3v)

Box 8

China, Ming Hsien, 1939-43
Commencement/Shansi Breakfast, 1986
China Festival, 1988
Shansi Endowment Campaign, n.d.

Box 9

China, c.1925-27 (3v)

Accession 2009/043

Box 10

China, Japan, Hawaii, 1931-33 (IU)

Accession 2008/039

Box 11
China (albums by representative Ted Forbes) (2v, 3f)
School life at Ming Hsien, ca. 1924-26
Trip to mountains west of Peking, 1924-26, with related texts
Box 12 (Oversize)
Japan: Obirin Gakuen (albums presented to John & Mrs. Elder) (3v)
1954-56. 7 ½ x 10 7/8 in.
1956-57. 11 ¾ x 10 ¼ in.
ca. 1975. 6 ¾ x 10 ½ in.

Series 3. Negatives

Box 1

China (Taiku), 1934-37 (3 books, including 1999/034)

Box 2

Miscellaneous Rural China, c.1920s (5x7 glass plates)

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