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RG 15 - Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association
Inventory -subgoup VI
An asterisk (*) indicates restricted records.

Subgroup VI. Architectural Plans and Maps

Series 1. Architectural Plans

Map Case I, Drawer 24

Fenchow-fu Mission Compound (ABCFM)

Sketch on tissue (26 1/2" x 16 1/2"), n.d.
Sketch on tissue (27" x 16"), July 1, 1910
Layout of grounds showing city walls (44" x 16 1/2"), n.d.
Layout of grounds showing city walls (22" x 16 3/4"), n.d.

Taiku Campus, Shansi, China

General plan (positive photostat, 14" x 18"), Henry Killam Murphy, Architect, October 8, 1929
General plan, (copy of Oct., 29 plans, 13" x 18"), Henry Killam Murphy
Revised General plan (rubbings, four copies, 20" x 28"), Henry Killam Murphy, Architect, March 27, 1931
Ming Hsien School (26 " x 26 1/2"), Henry Killam Murphy, Architect, October 9, 1932
Proposed Hawley Administration Building (blueprint, 20" x 8 1/2"), J. Van Wie Bergamini, Architect, ABCFM Fenchow-fu, October 27, 1917
Tissue paper sketch of compound 20" x 17 1/2" pre-1910 16" x 13 1/2" n.d.
Soong Memorial Chapel (photostat, 30 1/4" x 23 1/2"), n.d.

Tunghai University, Taiwan -- Student Union drawings by I. M. Pei and Associates, Architects, July 10, 1958

General plan
South and West elevations
North and East elevations
Auditorium elevations

Series 2. Maps

  • Case I, Drawer 24

American Air Force Aeronautical Chart

Lo River, Honan, China (29"x22"), n.d.
Huang River, North Central China (29"x22"), n.d.
Wei River, North Central China (29"x22"), n.d.

  • Topographical Branch, U.S. Geological Survey

China and Adjacent Areas (28"x 22"), 1921, Revised 1922

  • Case I Drawer 24

3 Silk Maps of China used by WWII Pilots (23”x31”, 22”x30”, 20”x26”), c. 1940s
Yunnan Province, 31”x36”, 1908
Kunming and Lao Gai Railroad, 24”x18”, 1935 (piece missing - torn)

Accession 2000/51

420 A Map Case I, Drawer 8

India, hand-drawn, (5 8"x11" and 1 6"x9"), n.d.
China, Ming Hsien and surrounding town, (21"x30"), 1934, with notes in English by
Herbert Van Meter (?)
China, Five districts of Taiku, (22.5"x25"), c.1934
China, Map of Shensi Province, with notes (by H. Van Meter ?) relating to Ming
Hsien and summer trips, n.d.
China, Ming Hsien School area (San Yuan), hand-drawn, (8 1/2"x11"), n.d.
China, Aerial photo of Ming Hsein and surrounding area, (8 1/2"x8 1/2"), n.d.
China, Taiku Campus, General plan, (13"x18"), a copy of October 1929 plan by H.
K. Murphy
China, tracing paper sketch of Chinese plans for school compound, (24"x34"), n.d.
China, Map of Territory in Shansi Province: Occupied by the Brethren, The Church of The Mission, n.d. [cloth, 34 x 36.5] 407A Unit 7-8

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