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RG 15 - Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association
Inventory -Subgroup I
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Subgroup I. Oberlin China Band

Series 1. Recording Secretary's Book

Box 1A (original closed; see copies)

  • + Contents of Secretary’s Book

Minutes of the China Band, 1882-84, pp. 21-26
Letters relating to the beginnings of the Oberlin Band in China-Originals, and Copies (1889) made by M.L. Stimson for preservation purposes.
Alden, E.K. to Martin Luther Stimson, Boston, MA; January 12, 1881 & February 5, 1881
Alden, E.K. to Judson Smith, Boston, MA; January 12, 1881
Stimson, Martin Luther to E.K. Alden, Oberlin, OH; February 3, 1881 & February 9, 1881
Stimson, Martin Luther to the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1st Proposal to create Oberlin Band in China, Oberlin, OH; January 5, 1881
Extracts of Minutes from the Prudential Committee, January-October, 1881
Quotations from the Oberlin News about Shansi, 1881-85
Notes prepared by Grace McConnaughy from correspondence, 1882-1899 (1f)

Series 2. Correspondence

(letters in this series are copies or transcriptions unless otherwise noted)

Box 1 (cont.)

  • Letters concerning the organization of the Oberlin China Band, 1881-1925 (1 f)

Alden, E.K. to Frank H. Foster, Boston, February 19, 1890
Alden, E.K. to Judson Smith, Boston, Januray 12, 1881
Alden (sec. of American Board) to M.L. Stimson, Boston, MA, January 12, 1881, January 17, 1881, February 5, 1881
Cady, Chauncey M. to ?, n.p., May 11, 1884
Cady, Chauncey M. to Oberlin China Band, n.p., January 13, 1883
Cady, Chauncey M. to Sidney Strong, n.p., February 9, 1883
Clark, N.G. & E.K. Alden to Martin Luther Stimson, n.p., February 17, 1881
Clark, N.G. to Chauncey M. Cady, Boston, July 9, 1881
Clark, N.G. to Oberlin China Band, Boston, June 15, 1881
Clark, N.G. to Judson Smith, Boston, July 8, 1881
Clark, N.G. to Martin Luther Stimson, Boston, MA, March 5, 1881, April 9, 1881, June 15, 1881, July 6, 1881, July 22, 1881
Clark, N.G. to Charles D. Tenney, Boston, June 13, 1881
Stimson, Martin Luther to E.K. Alden, Oberlin, OH, February 9, 1881
Stimson, Martin Luther, Oberlin, OH (1st letter to American Board on behalf of the Oberlin China Band), n.p., January 5, 1881
Stimson, Martin Luther to Rev. Wynn Fairfield, Atlanta, GA - original, December 29, 1925
Tenney, Charles D. to E.K. Alden, China, April 14, 1882
Tenney, Charles D. to Oberlin China Band, Tianyuanfu, China, January 11, 1883

  • Letters received from Oberlin China Band, 1883-1900 (1 f)

Alden, E.K. to Frank H. Foster, Boston, MA, February 19, 1890
Atwater, Elizabeth to "My dear, dear ones", Fen Chou fu, China, August 3, 1900
Atwater, Elizabeth to Mrs. Clapp, Rowena, & Louise, July 30, 1900
Atwater, Ernest to Mr. & Mrs. Pond, Fen Chou fu, Shansi, China - original, November 22, 1896
Atwater, Ernestine to Mother, Shou-yang, China, June 26, 1900
Atwater, Ernestine to Daisy Beynon, Shou-yang, China, June 26, 1900
Atwater, Jennie Pond to "Dear ones at home," Taiku, China, February 7, 1893
Bird, Rowena to "Dear Brother" (letter and daily journal, 6/30-7/13/1900), Taiku, China - original, June 24, 1900
Bird, Rowena to "My dear friends", ?, China - original, July 5, 1900
Bird, Rowena to Mrs. Price, Taiku, China - original, July 27, 1900
Bird, Rowena to Mrs. Williams, Taiku, China - original, April 9, 1900; Li Man, China - original, June 25, 1900
China Inland Mission (cablegram), Shanghai, China, July 13, 1900
Clapp, Dwight H. (diary letter), Taiku, China - original & copy, July 4, 1900
Davis, Francis to Mrs. Davis (copies of extracts from daily letters found after massacre & sent to Judson Smith in 1902), Jents'un, China - copy, May 28-June 10, 1900; (letter & list of daily events, excerpts from Mr. Davis' last letter found 2 years later), July, 1900
Foster, Frank H. to Martin Luther Stimson, Oberlin, OH - original, October 4, 1889, February 22, 1890
Hewett, D. to Martin Luther Stimson, Shansi, China - original, March 13, 1892
Jean to "My dear Belle", Fen Chou fu, China - original, June 26, 1900
Louise to Edith & Nellie, Li Man, China - original, June 23, 1900
Porter, H.D. to friends, Tientsin, China, November 4, 1900
Price,Charles W., R.Bird, G. Williams to member of the Prudential Board, Fen Cho Fu, Shansi, China, April 25, 1900
Price, Eva to friends, Fen Chou fu, China - original, June 22, 1900
Smith, Judson to Mrs. Davis (excerpt), New York - original, May 28, 1902
Stimson, Martin Luther to Judson Smith, Brooklyn, NY - original, February 25, 1890; - copy, August 22, 1892
Tenney, Charles D. to "Bretheren of the Band", Tai Yuen Fu, China - original, January 11, 1883
Williams, George L. to Charles Price, China, July 27, 1900
Williams, George L. to Wife, Taiku, China - original, May 10, 1900 - copy (found later), May 28, 1900

  • Journal Letters (photostat copies of) from the Oberlin China Band preceding the Boxer Rebellion, 1900, 1907 (1 f)

Atwater, Elizabeth to R.W. Graham (her brother), Shansi, China - letter, June 6, 1900
Hemingway, Dr. Willoughby A. to A.T. Hemingway, Shansi, China - August 24, 1907, (copy of Rowena Bird's journal found after the massacre)
Partridge, Mary Louise, Shansi, China - journal, 1900
Partridge, Mary Louise to "Friend", Shansi, China - letter, July 2, 1900
Partridge, Mary Louise to "Friends", Shansi, China - letter, June 19, 1900
Partridge, Mary Louise to Parents, Shansi, China - letter, June 25, 1900
Price, Rev. Charles W., Shansi, China - Journal, 1900
Price, Charles & Eva, Shansi, China - journal, June 28, 1900

  • Letters about Oberlin China Band, 1900-1958 (1 f)

Helen ? to Wynn Fairfield, Oberlin, OH - original, March 17, 1958
Davis, Lydia Lord to Enoch Bell, Oberlin, OH - original, July 21, 1931
Dr. Edward to Mrs. Williams, Pao ting fu, China, March 16, 1901
Fairfield, Wynn C. to Lydia Lord Davis, Boston, MA - original, August 8, 1931
Fairfield, Wynn C. to Kenneth Scott Latourette, Boston, MA - original, March 18, 1958
Latourette, Kenneth Scott to Wynn Fairfield, New Haven, CT - original, March 11, 1958
Lin, Chao P'ei to Mrs. Williams, ? - original, November 29, 1900
Love, Donald to Wynn Fairfield, Oberlin, OH - original, September 12, 1958
Morse, Sara B. (sec. to Enoch Bell) to Lydia Lord Davis, Boston, MA - original, July 24, 1931
Pye, Rev. Watts O., Fen Cho fu, China - original, January 17, 1912
Smith, Judson to Mrs. Davis, May 20, 1902
Stimson, Martin Luther to Lydia Lord Davis, Coral Gables, FL - original, February 17, 1932
Stimson, Martin Luther to Rev. Harvey K. Heebner, Coral Gables, FL - original, October 9, 1934
Williams, Alice (Mrs. G.L.) concerning Mr. C.H. Fay, U.S. - original, 1900
Williams, Alice to Mr. Corbin, Oberlin, OH - original, October 20, 1932, December 7, 1932

  • Letters and Accounts concerning the Boxer Rebellion (1 f)

Ts'ui Heng T'ai, Shansi, China - original, n.d.
L'i Yu (Dr. Atwood's medical assistant), Shansi, China, n.d., - original and copy
The Story of Taiku in 1900 Told (to Dr. Edwards) by Kung Shiang Hsi & Chang Cheng Fu, 1900, - original
Mission Work in Shansi, by Rev. F. M. Price
Er Wu's Story of the Massacre of Chinese Christians at Taiku, told to Irenaeus J. Atwood - original, April 26, 1901

Series 3. General File

Box 1 (cont.)

Annual Reports - Taiku Station, 1895, 1898

Historical File

List of the original Oberlin Band members
Extracts from Shansi Mission Minutes, 1880-1890
Extracts from Prudential Committee of A.B.C.F.M. (American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Ministers)
Dec. 1889 article in North China Daily News, hand written copy by Luther Stimson concerning the situation in China
Quotations from Oberlin News, 1881-1885
Mission Work in Shansi 1877-1890, by Rev. F.M. Price in 1900 or 1901
Excerpt from "A Brief Outline of the Early History of Shansi Mission in Northern China", by D. P. Clapp, 1893-4
Obituary - Rev. Judson Smith, D.D.
Mr. Liu - by Rev. Atwood (description of a convert), 1891
Description of the Shansi Province by A.L. Williams, 1903

Miscellaneous (1f)

Material in the American Board Archives (Houghton Library, Harvard) to be photostatted for use of WCF in history and for ultimate filing in the O.S.M.A. Archives, n.d.
Extracts from the address of Dr. Frank S. Fitch at May 14, 1903 dedication of the Memorial Arch - Oberlin News, May 15, 1903

Printed materials, 1898-1901 (some photocopies)


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