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Ambrotype of Samuel Swifin Burdette, Gardner Clark Trowbridge, and Henry Payson Kinney (1856)

Samuel Swifin Burdette (Oberlin Preparatory Department 1853-56, College 1856-57), Gardner Clark Trowbridge (Preparatory Department 1853-55, and citizen of the Kansas Territory), and Henry Payson Kinney (OC Class of 1859, A.M. 1862). These three men, filled with the spirit of abolitionism, joined John Brown during the conflict in “Bleeding Kansas” in May 1856.

Ambrotype taken May 7, 1856


Bust of John Brown (1870)

Ambrotype of Samuel S. Burdette, Gardner C. Trowbridge, and Henry P. Kinney, who were involved in Bleeding Kansas (1856)

Letter home by John A. Copeland (1859)

Photograph of Lewis S. Leary, Harpers Ferry participant (c.1850s)

“A Journey to Virginia in December, 1859,” A Thursday Lecture by James Monroe (1898), p. 158-59.

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