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Oberlin College through the Years - January 1906


Charles W. Savage (1869-1957), Oberlin College Class of 1893
Oberlin College Physical Education, faculty, 1905-1935
Director of Athletics, Oberlin College, 1905-1935
(Pictured here as a member of the 1892 Oberlin College Varsity Football Team)

Charles W. Savage, newly appointed Director of Athletics at Oberlin College, participated in a conference in New York City with representatives from over sixty (60) colleges and universities around the United States. The representatives met to discuss the rules relating to collegiate football. Savage was appointed to the Committee on Rules to further discuss ways to make the game safer for players, to eliminate the use of the mass formation on offense, and to establish a process in order to secure permanent officials to officiate intercollegiate athletic contests. (Reported in The Oberlin News, January 2, 1906 and The Oberlin Review, January 11, 1906.)

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