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Women's History Month: Lucy Stone March 2002
The King-Crane Commission in the Middle East April 2002

The Illumination Tradition

May-June 2002
Science at Oberlin College through the years  

     Old Laboratory

July-August 2002

     Spear Library-Laboratory

September 2002

     Peters Hall

October-November 2002

     Severence Laboratory

December 2002

     Kettering Hall of Science

Januray 2003
Black History Month  
     Johnetta Betsch Cole and Gloria Marshall February 2003
     Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. February 2003
Women's History Month: Delphine Hanna March 2003
Commencement at Oberlin College through the years  
     1897 Commencement April 2003
     1914 Commencement May 2003

     1954 Commencement

May-September 2003

The Oberlin Spirit

October 2003
The Museum Item Collection November-December 2003
Celebrating 100 Years of Flight December -January 2004
Celebrating Black History Month January-March 2004
Celebrating Women's History Month  
Frances T. Densmore
March 2004
Hope Hibbard
April 2004
Oberlin College Through The Years  
Tappan Hall
April 2004
Cabinet Hall
May 2004
1954 Commencement
May 2004-Sep 2004
Oberlin Railroad Station
Sep 2004-Oct 2004
Oberlin Professors
Robert Fountain
Oct 2004-Dec 2004
George Jones
Dec 2004-Jan 2005
World War I Service Flags Jan 2005-Feb 2005
Black History Month: David W. Anthony Feb 2005
Logan Osborn Mar 2005
William L. Dawson and Lynds Jones Apr 2005-Oct 2005
1924 Mock Convention Oct 2005-Nov 2005
Charles Savage Jan 2006
Black History Month: Eduardo C. Mondlane Feb 2006
Women's History Month: Ruth A. N. Beach Mar 2006
Alford Carleton Oct 2006-Dec 2006
Albert Johnson Dec 2006-April 2007
Black History Month: Sylvia H. Williams February 2007
William E. and Eleanor "Bumpy" Stevenson
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Evelina Belden Paulson, A.B. 1909 2007
The Presidents of Oberlin College, 1835-2007
Asa Mahan
January 2008
Charles Grandison Finney
February 2008
James Harris Fairchild
March 2008
William Gay Ballantine and John Henry Barrows
April 2008
Henry Churchill King
May-October 2008
Ernest Hatch Wilkins
November 2008-February 2009
150th anniversary of the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue September 2008-April 2009
Black History Month: Anna Julia Haywood Cooper and Mary Church Terrell February-March 2009
1959 Commencement May 2009
Newly Conserved Portraits June-August 2009
Shansi, Oberlin and Asia March 2012
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