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PAPERS, 1881-(1881-1930)-1986


Series 1.  Biographical
Box 1
          "Azariah Smith Root: An account prepared for his grandson by 
               Marion Metcalf Root," c.1955 (1927-30, 1961)
          Information about Azariah Root, 1924-53, 1976-86 (2f)
Series 2.  Correspondence
     Subseries 1. Incoming Correspondence
Box 2
          Incoming Correspondence (Alphabetical), A-V, 1881-1934 (5f)
               (Note: See listing in box for these 5 folders)
          Incoming Correspondence (Chronological), 1885-1922 (13f)
Box 3
          Incoming Correspondence (Chronological), 1923-27, n.d. (7f)
     Subseries 2.  Outgoing Correspondence
Box 3 (cont.)
          Outgoing Correspondence, 1900-28 (15f)
     Subseries 3.  Courtship Letters and Family Correspondence
Box 4
          Courtship Letters (Azariah S. Root and Anna Metcalf),
               1881-87 (2 bound volumes of original letters)
Box 5
          Family Correspondence
               (Mainly between Mr. & Mrs. Root), 1884-1927 (3f)
               Letters from Azariah Root while in England, 1895
               Letters (Mr. & Mrs. Root) while in Germany, 1899
               Letters to Mrs. Root regarding the Theater, 1914
               Letters from Azariah Root while in Europe, 1925-26
               Letters received from Azariah Root's Family, 1882-1917 (6f)
Series 3.  Diaries and Notes (Anna Metcalf Root)
Box 6
     Diaries and Notes
          Diaries, 1883-84, 1897-1905 (11 vols.)
Box 7
          Diaries, 1906-09, 1912, 1914-29 (9 vols.)
Box 8
               Lecture Notes of Prof. John M. Ellis' "Evidences
                    of Christianity," 1882
               Monthly Rhetoricals, 1881-84 (photostats)
               Monthly Rhetoricals, 1881-84 (bound originals)
                    (Note: includes rhetoricals by Azariah S. Root)
               Notes regarding a trip to Europe, 1912
Series 4.  Files Relating to Faculty and Community Service
     Subseries 1.  Faculty Service Files
Box 9
     Files Relating to Faculty Service
          Carnegie Library, (George Feick), 1907-08
          Carnegie Library, (Richard D. Kimball Co.), 1906-08
          Carnegie Library, (Patton and Miller), 1905-09 (4f)
          Carnegie Library Specifications, 1906-07 (3f) 
                    (Note: Blueprint filed in RG 53)
Box 10
          Academy, c.1915
          Alumni Records (Necrologies), 1888-1900
          Callender Book Collection (R.T. Miller), 1916-17
               Alumni Magazine, 1905
               Heating Plant, 1910
               Honorary Degrees, 1909-10 (C.M. Hall & Wright Bros.)
               Investment Committee (Homer H. Johnson), 1915-16
               Purchasing Department, 1913
               75th Anniversary, 1908
               Miscellaneous Committees, 1898-1922
          Keep Cottage, 1911 (2f) (incls. Patton and Miller)
          King, Henry Churchill, Correspondence, 1909-10
          Oberlin Kindergarten and Training School, 1920
          Talcott Hall, 1913-16
          Rockefeller Gift to Half Million Fund, 1901-02
          Shurtleff Library (Theodore E. Burton  Correspondence), 1917
     Subseries 2.  Community Service Files
Box 10 (cont.)
     Files Relating to Community Service
          Board of Education, 1913-24
          Board of Health, 1901-07
          First Church, 1900-08
               Charles M. Hall Gift (First Church Organ), 1907-10
          First and Second Churches, 1910-21
          Oberlin Telephone Company, 1897-1906
Series 5.  Files Relating to Professional Librarianship
     Subseries 1.  American Library Association
Box 11
     Files Relating to American Library Association
          Correspondence (incoming), 1901-22 (11f)
          Correspondence (outgoing), 1901-22 (8f)
Box 12
          Presidential Records, 1921-22 (January) (8f)
Box 13
          Presidential Records (cont.), 1922 (Feb.-Nov.) (8f)
Box 14
          Boards and Committees
               Executive Board, 1920-21 (3f)
               Financial Records, 1920-21
               Library Training Committee, 1912-17 (4f)
               Sabin's Dictionary Committee, 1924
Box 15
               War Service Committee (Library War Fund), 1918 (3f)
          Miscellaneous, c.1911-24
     Subseries 2.  Bibliographical Society of America
Box 16
     Files Relating to Bibliographical Society of America
          Correspondence (incoming), 1921-26 (6f)
          Correspondence (outgoing), 1921-26 (4f)
     Subseries 3.  Ohio Library Association
Box 17
     Files Relating to Ohio Library Association
          Correspondence (incoming), 1895-1921 (6f)
          Correspondence (outgoing), 1899-1922 (5f)
          Miscellaneous, 1909-21, n.d.
     Subseries 4.  Rutherford B. Hayes Library
Box 18
     Files Relating to Rutherford B. Hayes Library
          Correspondence (incoming), 1924-27 (6f)
          Correspondence (outgoing), 1924-28 (4f)
          Book Lists, c.1927
          Minutes and Legal Papers, 1924-26
          Miscellaneous, c.1924-27
     Subseries 5.  American Correspondence School of Librarianship
Box 18 (cont.)
     Files Relating to American Correspondence School of Librarianship
          Copies from University of Illinois, 1924-25
Series 6.  Talks and Writings
Box 19
     Talks and Writings
          Libraries and Books, c.1900-27 (2f)
          Library Schools, c.1910-23
          Oberlin, c.1898, 1905-27 (2f)
          Sermons, c.1900-20
          Miscellaneous, c.1904-20 (2f)
Series 7. Miscellany
Box 20
          Course Material, 1928-30, n.d.
          "Germany," 1898-99
          "Papers re: Root Home, 150 N. Professor," 1887-89, n.d. (2f)
          Miscellaneous, 1881-1927 (3f)
Series 8.  Photographs
Box 21
     Photographs, c.1884-1927 (25 items)

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