PAPERS, 1911-19, 1933-34, n.d.


The papers of Logan Omer Osborn primarily document Osborn's student days at the Oberlin Business School and Oberlin College, and his military service with the U.S. Ambulance Corps, Oberlin Unit (1918-19). His student files consist of printed material from Oberlin College (i.e. football program, handbook, student organization), notes for a Physic class (1913) and summer school (1915), photographs, and his certificate for Honorary War Membership in the Oberlin Class of 1918). His military service records provide a brief look at his work with the Ambulance Corps, and materials related to other Corps members (Robert M. Hutchins and Cornelius H. Tillman, both Honarary War Membership OC 1918). A war diary (Jan-Mar 1918) maintained by Osborn provides accounts of his unit's activity during World War I. Some of the photographs document family members and friends. The collection illustrates the sacrifices that individuals made during World War I, and the determination of Osborn to complete his college degree, including teaching at the Business College and working as a library guard to provide financial resources.


Series 1. Military Service Records, 1916-18 (3 folders)

Records include a cash book for the "Subscribers of the 'Siren'" (Summer 1916); a poem by Robert M. Hutchins (Honorary War Membership OC '19); Osborn's war diary (January-March, 1918); a menu; and, a tribute to Cornelius H. Tillman (Honorary War Membership OC '18).

Series 2. Oberlin College Student Files, 1913, 1915, 1918 (5 folders)

Osborn's student files consist of his certificate of election to Honorary Membership in the Class of 1918; a notebook for a Physics Class, Fall 1913; summer school class notes, 1915; and, a photostat of Osborn's official grade transcript, September 1914 (restricted).

Series 3. Photographs, 1911-18 (4 folders)

The photographs document Osborn's time at the Oberlin Business College, the 1933 reunion of the Oberlin College Class of 1918, military service, Oberlin College, and Osborn's family and friends.

Series 4. Publications, 1914-20, 1934, n.d. (6 folders) Publications include Oberlin College materials (1919-20 Handbook, 1934 Calendar, football program, 1915; Alpha Zeta and Phi Kappa Pi Debate Program, 1915; Phi Delta brochure, n.d.; Oberlin Don'ts, n.d.; and, "A Case of Suspension" program, 1915); a copy of Henry C. King's "The Fight for Character" (1918); and, two newspapers (Ambulance Service News, March 20, 1919, and The Oberlin Business College News, March 1914).

PROVENANCE The Papers of Logan Omer Osborn were received by the Oberlin College Archives from two donors. Accession 1988/23 was received from Dovre Hall Busch (via the O.C. Alumni Association) in 1988. Accession 1991/59 was received from Mary Keith Osborn in 1991.


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