PAPERS, 1911-19, 1933-34, n.d.


Logan Omer Osborn was born in Chandlersville, Ohio, on 20 October 1890, to George and Mary Louella (Starr) Osborn. He taught school in Blue Rock Twp., Ohio, for several years to earn his way to the Oberlin Business College (enrolled 1911). He enrolled in Oberlin College after graduation from the business college (1914). He worked his way through by various means including teaching at the business college, and living part-time in the loft above the museum section while serving as a guard for the library. He was president of the class of '18 during his sophomore year.

In the spring of 1917 Osborn withdrew from Oberlin College to begin a grape growing project in California. The following June he enlisted in the U.S. Ambulance Corps, the Oberlin Unit. There he joined other Oberlin persons, including Robert Maynard Hutchins (Honorary War Membership, OC '19), William R. Hutchins, Ernest G. Yocom (OC '13), and Gordon A. Curtis (OC '21). This unit, and Osborn in particular, distinguished themselves in Italy and were decorated by the Italian government with the "Cross for Merit of War" for bravery. He was also granted Honorary War Membership in the class of '18.

Upon his return to the U.S. in 1919, and following a bout with pneumonia, Osborn re-enrolled in Oberlin College, completing his on-campus course work in June of 1920.

From 1920-1941 Osborn was a real estate salesman. During this time, on September 19, 1931, he married Rose E. Keith, and during the years 1932-34 Osborn was hospitalized with tuberculosis.

In 1940 Rose Osborn died of complications after giving birth to their daughter, Mary Keith, The child was raised by her maternal aunt. The following year, 1941, found Osborn briefly in the ranching business from which he went on to become an accountant for the U.S. Maritime Commission (1942-1945). Osborn was remarried on June 14, 1942 to Dorothy E. Wright (1894-1965, OC '17 ).

It was at the request of his wife, Dorothy, that Osborn's Oberlin College records were finally completed; his grape growing project deemed sufficient to complete his agriculture requirement, and his diploma was granted in 1942 after payment of the seven dollar diploma fee.

In 1945 Osborn became the Public Relations Representative of the Oakland, California Chamber of Commerce. His interests included membership in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry--Oakland Consistory MRS 32 Degree, the Aahmes Temple of the Shrine in Oakland, the Oberlin Lodge #380, the Oberlin Alumni Club, and a Development Campaign Worker.

Osborn died May 25, 1965 of tuberculosis of the bone. Dorothy Osborn died Nov. 16, 1965.

SOURCES CONSULTED: Osborn Papers (30/191), and Logan Osborn's Student File (28).


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