MARK M. HEALD, 1892-1971

(PAPERS, 1909-1924, 1971, n.d.)


Mark M. Heald, former history professor at Princeton and Rutgers, was born on February 20, 1892, in Canton, Illinois. He was the son of Edward Aiken (OC '84) and Mary Chaffee Heald. He received his A.B. from Oberlin College in 1914, and an A.M. in 1925 from Columbia. He completed additional studies at the University of Minnesota, where he was a teaching fellow from 1916-17.

Heald was a tutor in history in the Oberlin Academy (1914-16), and an instructor in English at Oberlin (1914-15). He enlisted in the U. S. Army during World War I and saw active service as a sergeant in the infantry on five main sectors of the Western Front. After the war, he worked for Herbert Hoover in the U. S. Food Administration.

He was a member of the Rutgers faculty from 1926-55, a guest professor at Fresno State College in the summer of 1947, at Fisk University 1956-58, at Lycoming College in 1958-59, and at Trenton (N. J.) State College for six months. Before joining the Rutgers faculty, he was director of the junior department of Perkiomen School for Boys, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, and an instructor of history at Princeton for two years.

Heald and his wife, the former June Kilts, were married by Oberlin College President Henry Churchill King on the afternoon of Mr. Heald's graduation in 1914.

In 1949, the Healds were among the founders of the Princeton Unitarian Fellowship, which grew into the present Unitarian Church of Princeton. He was active In Scouting and was the first director of the Princeton Study Center.

Heald died on January 16, 1971 at his home in Princeton, New Jersey. The Heald family include a son, Mark A., '50, a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mark A. (Jane P. Dewey, '52), and three grandchildren, all of Swarthmore, Pa.: and a sister, Mrs. S. R. (Mary.) Heindel. '17, of Dixon, 111. Other Oberlin relatives include a cousin. C. William, '53, of Canton, Ohio, a sister-in-law, Mrs. Kenneth M. (Frances Kilts) Holaday, '22, of St. Louis Mo., and a niece, Mrs. Jack R. (Judith Holaday) Carlson, '49, of Helena. Montana.

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