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PAPERS, 1877(1889-1913)-1944


Series I.  Lord Family Correspondence, 1877-98, n.d.
Box 1
     Correspondence, 1877-89 
     Invitations received, 1885-98, n.d.
Series II.  Courtship Correspondence Between Lydia Lord and 
     Francis Davis, Jun-Aug 1889
Box 1 (cont.)
     Correspondence, Jun-Aug 1889  (23 letters)
Series III.  Personal Correspondence (Outgoing) of Lydia and 
     Francis Davis, 1889-1906, 1924, n.d.
Box 2
     Davis, Francis and Lydia: to family, Aug 1889-Dec 1892  (15f)
Box 3
     Davis, Francis and Lydia: to family (cont.), Jan 1893-Mar 1898  (18f)
     Davis, Francis: to Lydia, family, 1891, May 1898-Jul 1900  (3f)
     Davis, Lydia: to Francis, May-Aug 1900 
     Davis, Lydia: to Mrs. Lois Pickett, Mrs. Mary Lord, 1894-99, 1903-06, 
          1924, n.d.
     Fragments, 1892, n.d.
Series IV.  Personal Correspondence (Incoming) of Lydia and 
     Francis Davis, 1888-1913, n.d.
Box 4
     Leavitt St. Congregational Church, Chicago, (parishioners and clergy of), 
          1900-04  (2f)
     Lord, Eleazer and Mary (Ravenna, Ohio), 1889-96  (8f)  
Box 5
     Missionary colleagues, 1889-99  (7f)
     Relatives and friends (condolences), 1899-1901  (3f)
          Atwood, I. J.--"Friends Who Had Been in China"
          Hudson relatives--"Miscellaneous Friends"
          Pilgrim Church (Cleveland)--Williams, Alice M.
     Smith, Judson, D.D., American Board of Commissioners for Foreign 
          Missions, 1888-89, 1899-1903
     U.S. State Department, 1900-09
     Upson, Dr. Henry S. 1899-1913
     Fragments, n.d.
Series V.  Professional Correspondence of Lydia Lord Davis, 
     1902, 1920-43
Box 6
     American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1926-32
     Commission on Missions of the National Council of Congregational 
          Churches, 1927-30
     Kobe College Building Fund Committee, 1923-31
     Mission study classes, addresses, 1920
     "New Work," 1926
     Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association, 1902, 1925, 1932, 1941, 1943
     Taigu Martyrs' Cemetery, 1924-26
     Women's Board of Missions for the Interior, Mid-West Regional 
          Commission, 1920-31
Series VI.  Diaries of Lydia Lord Davis, 1888-1900
Box 7
     Diary, Dec 1888-Oct 1889
     Diary, Jan 1891-Sep 1897
     Diary, Sep 1898-Dec 1900
Series VII.  Writings of Lydia Lord Davis, [ca. 1924], 1944
Box 7 (cont.)
     "Letters to My Grandchildren," 1944 (bound carbon draft, 144 pp.)
     My Letters From the Orient [ca. 1924] (printed booklet, 89 pp.)  
     See also Series XI, Box 10, for additional writings.
Series VIII.  Miscellaneous Printed Materials Relating to the Shansi 
     Mission and its Martyrs, 1899-1909, 1924, 1938, n.d.
Box 8
     Printed materials relating to the Shansi Mission, 1899-1938
     News accounts of the 1900 massacre; printed memorials, 1900-03
     Memorials to Francis W. Davis, 1901-02, n.d.  (3f)
          Letters of tribute, 1901-02
          Tribute scroll (in Chinese), n.d.
Box 9a
          Hand-painted silk banner, memorial to Francis Davis, n.d. 
Series IX.  Photographs of the Shansi Mission, 1889-1924, n.d.
Box 8 (cont.)
     Photographs, 1889-1924, n.d.  (2f)
     Photograph of Oberlin property, n.d.
Series X.  Album of Lydia Lord Davis, 1941
Box 9
     Retirement album, 1941
     Loose papers from album, 1941
Series XI.  Files Received from John Lord Davis in 1981
Box 10
	Writings of Lydia Lord Davis, 1899, 1907, ca. 1924, n.d. (2f)
          Ms. drafts of poems, meditations, 1899, 1907, n.d.
          Published poetry, n.d.
          My Letters From the Orient [ca. 1924], copy 2  
          Fenchow, Vol. VI, No. 2, 1924 (article by Lydia  Lord Davis, 
               "Beginnings in the Girl's School," p. 4-5)
	Correspondence of John Lord Davis, 1981
	Miscellaneous Papers of John Lord Davis, n.d.	

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